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Velti (VELT) Announces Launch of New Ad Network, Velti Media

Velti, a leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, announced the launch of a new mobile advertising network, Velti Media, which connects marketers to its 1.4 billion highly engaged consumers throughout the world. Velti is currently the only media company to combine mobile advertising and marketing solutions in a single technology platform across a unified data model, enabling the company to provide the most comprehensive suite of capabilities for brands to reach consumers on any device.

Velti is also unveiling its new technology, Multi-Channel Targeting (MCT), the first universal mobile analytics platform that allows brands to target consumers with relevant advertising and marketing interactions on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, allowing the company to more easily identify and reach the same consumers across any device or platform. Additionally, this allows advertisers to continue delivering deeper levels of engagement as consumers switch to other devices.

Velti is able to make recommendations to brands on the best types of campaigns to run in order to achieve a specific set of goals by combining advertising and marketing with performance data and predictive analysis. In the past, advertisers required the use of multiple solution providers in order to build their brand, drive conversion, and increase frequency and customer loyalty. However, with the advent of Velti’s technology, brands can now drive new consumers into the marketing funnel through advertising as well as make more money, increase engagement, and manage customer lifecycle management.

“As consumer device usage becomes increasingly fragmented, there is a growing urgency for all media and data to work together to deliver a consistent message to the consumer across all devices,” stated Alex Moukas, CEO of Velti. “Velti Media eliminates a major pain-point for marketers by giving them access to the consumer they want to target and providing them with the tools to reach them most effectively.”

Based in New York, Michael Hess leads the Velti Media sales team and joined the company in 2012 as SVP Advertising Sales, having previously held the position of SVP of Global Sales at Say Media. Hess also previously held positions at The New Yorker and Rolling Stone magazine.

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