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Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO) Shares Rebound Over 7%

After an inexplicable sell off, PBIO shares rebounded strong. The falling share price has been attributed by many to have been caused by confusion linking Pressure BioSciences, Inc. and Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc. which neared its 52 week low after disappointing results. Previously Pressure BioSciences had a position in Panacos Pharmaceuticals, but sold off all its interest over six months ago.

The Company has attracted the attention of several analysts and has been awarded 12-month price targets as high as $10 – a near double from the current price. The most recent report published by Dutton Associates on December 18 detailed that shares will begin reflecting the substantial profits that are believed to be generated in 2010.

The projected sales of the Company’s flagship Barocylcer products are estimated to be a total of 24 for 2007, 218 for 2008, 568 for 2009, 1,108 for 2010, and over 1900 for 2011. Dutton Associates estimated that 2010 earnings will total $5.28 million resulting in Earnings Per Share of approximately $1.51 on a 3.49 million fully diluted share base.

In conclusion of their report, the firm stated, “We believe that as the coming 12-month period progresses, Pressure BioSciences will begin to demonstrate its ability to place a rapidly-increasing number of Barocyclers, and that the potential for substantial profits beginning in 2010 will begin to be recognized in these shares.”

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