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PFSweb, Inc. (PFSW) Reports Record Customer Traffic Volumes for Clients at the Outset of the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season

International provider of end-to-end e-commerce solutions PFSweb has announced record consumer traffic and order volumes for the beginning of the 2012 holiday shopping season for its North American End2End consumer packaged goods (CPG), luxury, cosmetic, and apparel clients’ e-commerce direct-to-consumer (E2E DTC) brand sites.

During the course of the Thanksgiving period (Nov. 22 to Nov. 26, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday), PFSweb’s CPG, luxury, cosmetic, and apparel E2E DTC clients’ brand sites in North America received around 364,000 customer orders, with an average order value of more than $102. The company’s client Web sites additionally experienced robust customer traffic, logging approximately 8 million total sessions, which included around 3.7 million new visitors.

On the whole, PFSweb’s North American CPG, luxury, cosmetic, and apparel E2E DTC clients’ brand sites also reported strong same-store-order volumes as compared with the similar period for 2011. This included a 69 percent increase in total customer orders and a 45 percent increase in new visitors. The same-store sales data encompasses data from the CPG, luxury, cosmetic, and apparel E2E DTC clients’ brand e-commerce sites that were operating during the 2011 and 2012 holiday shopping seasons and were supported by PFSweb during both time periods.

As PFSweb anticipated in its operational plans and financial forecasts, the 2012 holiday online retail season in the United States has shown significant improvement over 2011. Infrastructure and technology investments made by PFSweb this year have produced measurable operation benefits for the company and its clients as PFSweb scales its solution to help clients capitalize on the season’s sales opportunities.

PFSweb is engaged in enabling the e-commerce initiatives of iconic brands. The company’s End2End e-commerce solution features interactive marketing services, strong e-commerce technology, global fulfillment and logistics, high-touch customer care, financial services, and order management. The company’s e-commerce solutions offer international reach and expertise in both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business initiatives, supporting organizations across various industries. Headquartered in Allen, Texas, PFSweb has additional locations in Tennessee, Mississippi, Canada, Belgium, and the Philippines.

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