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Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. (MSPD) Takes Home Small Cell Industry Award for World’s First Data-Only Femtocell Service

Mindspeed Technologies, a bold leader in advanced semiconductor technologies for network/communications infrastructure, reported today that the ingenuous small-cell strategy (specifically for data offload) developed in conjunction with SK Telecom and Contela, essentially the world’s first data-only femtocell service engineered to meet the emergent demands of a growing smartphone/tablet space, has successful won the Small Cell Industry Award for Commercial Deployment (Innovation in Commercial Deployment) at this year’s Small Cell World Summit in London. The Summit is influential because the panel is comprised of senior telecom professionals chosen for the depth of their experience and impartiality.

This is a huge boon for Mindspeed, whose low-power SoC (system-on-chip) architectures have won acclaim throughout the industry in recent years for driving blisteringly fast video, voice, and data capabilities. With a bevy of robust analog products for fiber optic, enterprise, industrial, and video transport solutions, MSPD is a key part of the lifeblood of many global OEMs, bringing the kind of hardcore processing muscle needed to support rapidly evolving 3G and LTE (long-term evolution) mobile networks.

In fact, Mindspeed has become a central feature of the SoC landscape, with around 70% market share in the HSPA space (according to ABI Research), and some 25 LTE design partnering with the likes of such prominent sector players as AirWalk Communications, Juni, Powerwave Technologies, Inc., and Tektelic Communications (in addition to SK Telecom and Contela). As the only small cell SoC developer offering full support for HSPA and LTE (also the only company to have demonstrated frequency-division duplexing, aka FDD, and time-division, aka TD-LTE, solutions), MSPD is further cemented into the horizon of the entire small cell space with today’s announcement and the company was the only baseband silicon developer to win an award this year.

The most exciting thing about the win is that five other winners this year in other categories all featured MSPD technology under the hood, with the winner of the Enabling Technology category (and MPSD partner), Radisys Corp’s Trillium® TOTALeNodeB software platform (which helped make the LTE small cells from Juni and Dongwon produced for Korea Telecom possible), showcasing the raw power of Mindspeed’s baseband processors (upon which the LTE cells were built).

This incredible relationship strategy that MSPD has developed is the real story. Looking at the results from the Small Cell World Summit, we can see how the company’s management has shrewdly enmeshed their technology into the larger market pipeline.

CTO for SK Telecom, Byun Jae-Woan, hailed this award as signaling another milestone on the road to realizing the companies shared vision for bringing consumers a “convenient and flawless wireless data service,” based on bleeding-edge femtocell technologies.

CEO of MSPD, Raouf Halim, underscored the company’s technology being at the heart of multiple winners at the Summit as a clear sign of rigorous independent validation of the company’s portfolio in the small cell space. Pointing to Korea as being first to market with next-gen 4G LTE small cell technologies, Halim argued that the company’s offerings were exceptionally well-timed with regard to the exploding, exponential data traffic demands placed on mobile frameworks as tablets and smartphones become more ubiquitous. Halim also stressed the importance of this collaboration with Contela and SK Telecom as the first ever, data offload-centric, small cell solution.

Mindspeed has in excess of 40 W-CDMA (wideband code division multiple access) design engagements, in addition to six key time division synchronous code division multiple access (TD-SCDMA) femtocell/picocell products that are all designed to meet the complex needs of a well-defined target market. With this kind of technical prowess, it is no wonder that MSPD had such a good showing at this year’s Small Cell World Summit.

It’s perfect really, ultra-modern small cell platforms driving the best in class software solutions, exactly what is needed to compensate for the bandwidth glut of ever increasing data flows.

For more information, or to check out the joint-hosted webinar between Mindspeed and Radisys on small cell tech and the rapidly growing global infrastructure of deployed hardware/software (June 29), head over to the Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. website at:

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