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Major Chicago Hospital Secures Power through World Energy Solutions, Inc. (XWES) Exchange

World Energy Solutions is a leading energy management service company that brings together processes and technologies to take the complexity out of energy management and turn it into bottom line results for businesses, institutions, and governments. To date, the company has transacted more than $30 billion in energy and other deals on behalf of its clients.

The company today announced that Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, one of Chicago’s leading not-for-profit care centers and safety-net hospitals, has successfully procured electricity, natural gas, and green power for its facilities over the World Energy Exchange. The online auctions were administered by World Energy through a partnership with Practice Greenhealth, a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to reducing the healthcare industry’s environmental impact.

The auctions were highly competitive, resulting in significant choice and most importantly, significant savings to Mercy Hospital. For example, 9 different suppliers vied for the hospital’s estimated annual 25 million kilowatt electricity load. The resulting electricity contract for Mercy, which includes 10 percent green power, is expected to save the hospital more than $350,000 a year when compared to its previous contract. Its new natural gas contract is expected to save nearly $100,000 annually.

In addition, by investing in green energy through World Energy’s Exchange, Mercy Hospital will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1,735 metric tons a year. This is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 340 passenger vehicles or carbon dioxide emissions from 4.034 barrels of oil being consumed.

The success of World Energy’s auctions should give a boost to future business. After all, with tight budgetary constraints, hospitals and healthcare system across the nation are looking to maximize their energy dollars. As the CEO of the company Phil Adams said, “Our proven approach makes a difference in these important [energy] procurements.”

For more information about World Energy Solutions and its Exchange, please visit the company’s website at

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