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Lincoln Educational Services Corp. (LINC) Latest Manufacturer Partnership Secures Chrysler’s MOPAR X-Press Program for Mahwah, NJ Campus

Lincoln Educational Services, one of the top post-secondary technical educators in the country, catering to recent high school grads and working adults with career-oriented programs of study in key areas like automotive, business, the health sciences, information technology, and skilled trades, was pleased to announce today that their Lincoln Technical Institute campus in Mahwah, NJ was specially chosen by Chrysler to make available their Mopar X-Press apprentice program, which teaches specialized technical skills related to Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles.

Mopar X-Press coming to the campus is a clear indication of the quality of the students Lincoln has to offer and when such a big name manufacturer like this specifically selects an educational institution as a partner for this program, it is a very strong endorsement of the students technical proficiency/aptitude and is rather like proactive headhunting for new talent by Chrysler, as many of these students will likely go on to join their teams in the near future. Securing the (highly advantageous to students) program is a real coup for LINC too, which prides itself on being a driving force in the lives of its students, helping them to turn their passions into meaningful, achievable career goals.

A key aspect of the program is the opportunity to train under a Chrysler Master Technician, getting to really learn the inside tips and tricks of the Mopar catalog and develop highly specialized skills in the more advanced technologies at play, all while earning a specialized Automotive Technology certificate. The Mopar X-Press program involves 120 hours of direct work at one of the dealerships, where students get a ton of applied, hands-on work experience in a professional setting and this process also gives Chrysler an opportunity to skim the cream off the top of the talent pool, snatching up the best and brightest technicians in the country.

Mahwah Campus President, Jay Rasmussen, proud to have been selected by Chrysler, emphasized that Lincoln’s programs are significantly enhanced via such manufacturer partnerships and that these opportunities represent some of the hottest and most exciting vectors for the students as well. Sentiments echoed resoundingly by President of the Lincoln Group, Deborah Ramentol, who went on to underscore the fact that Chrysler’s decision to bring the program to the campus was due primarily to the exceptional quality of the student body.

This is just the latest milestone for LINC it seems, as the company continues aggressively establishing new partnerships and programs like this around the nation, ever seeking to effectively arm workers with the tools they need to meet the demands of employers. The Mahwah campus offers a variety of other advantages to students as well, like an Automotive Technology program with BMW FastTrack option, which allows students to train at the BMW Training Center in nearby Woodcliff Lake, as well as other cutting-edge programs in the areas of Automotive Mechanics, HVAC, and the latest Electronic Systems Technology.

The 79k square foot, 16-bay (with rotator lifts), fully functioning auto shop facility at the Mahwah campus also has a fleet of 20 vehicles available (including hybrids) for students to work with and the students get all the necessary secondary skill training from LINC as well before being sent out to achieve, like time management and financial literacy. Moreover, students receive career search and placement assistance, ensuring that not only are they able to capitalize fully on their training, but that LINC continues to maintain its sterling reputation for graduating and placing some of the most skilled technicians in the country, a reputation which they have enjoyed since shortly after inception, way back in 1946.

With 33 campuses and five training sites across 15 states, LINC has put together a seriously impressive technical skills-focused, career-focused education platform and this latest announcement reinforces the company’s strong lead in the sector.

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