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Lihua International Inc. (LIWA) Receives Awards for Innovations and Achievements

Today, high quality copper alternative producer, Lihua International, Inc., announced that three local and municipal Chinese governments awarded the company for its innovation, internal controls and operational achievements.

Lihua was awarded “Advanced Science and Technology innovation Enterprises” by The Communist Party of China (CPC), Houxiang Committee and the Local Government of Houxiang, “Best Internal Audit Practice Award” by the Auditing Bureau of Danyang, and “Top Ten Outstanding Leading Industrial Enterprise in Danyang’s Ideological Development” by the CPC, Danyang Municipal Committee and Local Government of Danyang. The Danyang muncipal government also awarded Lihua a grant of RMB 500,000 ($76,000).

Lihua received these awards at a February 2011 ceremony hosted by the Danyang government. The event celebrated the region’s economic improvements and honored local enterprises for contributions in their respective fields. Companies were also lauded for their efforts to drive the region’s cultural and economic growth. Lihua was named in these three categories for its leadership in the region’s copper industry, its technological and industrial innovation, contributions to the local economy and efforts to develop and promote best practices in internal auditing.

Jianhua Zhu, Chairman and CEO of Lihua, remarked, “We are honored to receive these awards from Danyang City and to be recognized as a key contributor to the city’s economic growth, a leading innovator in China’s copper industry and a top corporate citizen in the region, These awards lend credibility to the significant efforts throughout our organization to drive growth, technological innovation and continuous improvements in our internal controls and processes. Looking ahead, we plan to continue developing our business to meet our internal growth objectives via capacity expansion and technology advancements while driving best-in-class internal processes to advance our leadership position in China’s emerging copper industry.”

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