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Extreme Networks, Inc. (EXTR) Chosen to Supply High Density Switches to Taiwan’s Largest Grid Researcher

The largest and most prestigious research university in Taiwan, Academia Sinica, has chosen Extreme Networks to supply high density, scalable data switches for the university’s network upgrade. A team of physicists within the Academia Sinica Grids (ASG) research area at the university are analyzing the particles created in collisions within the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

In order to conduct its particle research, ASG needed a 10 Gigabit network that could be increased in size to a 100 Gigabit Ethernet. Extreme Networks’ blade servers met ASG’s needs.

According to Wen-Shui Chen, network manager for ASG, “We were already using Extreme Networks technology, but when we evaluated vendors’ switching gear capable of expanding the network to accommodate HPC architecture, we sought great price-performance backed by fast delivery. Extreme Networks offering ticked all the boxes, and we had experienced excellent service from them in the past. The BlackDiamond® is a great fit for large and dense networks.”

ASG is using Extreme Networks’ BlackDiamond 8900 series fabric switches. These consist of a BlackDiamond 8810 chassis fully loaded with BlackDiamond 8900 module cards. In all, ASG is using more than 2,500 Extreme Networks’ blade servers.

ASG is Extreme Networks’ largest blade server customer in Taiwan, with 52 racks. Boasting more than 5.4 petabytes (5.4 quadrillion bytes) of storage capacity including disk and tape, ASG also represents one of Taiwan’s largest data centers.

“Scientific and research facilities such as Academia Sinica need to be able to analyze immense amounts of real-time data from myriad sources in order to make real-time decisions. Having a flexible, high-performance core network and data center is critical to HPC applications,” said Huy Nguyen, director of product management for Extreme Networks. “An Ethernet-based HPC interconnect like Extreme Networks offers data-intensive organizations a significant advantage due to its cost-effectiveness, ubiquity and open standards.”

In addition to top institutions such as Academia Sinica, Extreme Networks also supports other leading universities and research groups such as the Wellcome Sanger Trust Institute, Johns Hopkins University, and CEA Saclay. Extreme Networks is known as a leader in the high performance Ethernet switching industry. Based in Santa Clara, CA, Extreme Networks has more than 6,000 customers in more than 50 countries.

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