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Dynamics Research Corp. (DRCO) Wins High Performance Computing NOAA Contract with a Ceiling Value of $10 Million

Dynamics Research, a prominent technology and management consulting company directed towards driving performance, process, and results for government clients, announced today that it has received a Blanket Purchasing Agreement for high performance computing software development and technical services at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Geophysical Fluid Dynamic Laboratory (GFDL). The 3-year contract has a maximum value of $9.7 million.

The contract stipulates that DRC will deliver a wide array of technical, scientific, and management support services including application development, high-performance computing tools development, network engineering, visualization, data engineering, software optimization, analysis of climate models, and strategic planning.

NOAA’s GFLD specializes in comprehensive, long lead-time research to expand the scientific knowledge of the foundational physical processes underlying the complex fluid systems of the atmosphere, oceans, and their interactions with Earth’s biogeochemical cycles. NOAA’s cutting-edge computing systems, featuring large scalable computers, coupled with archiving systems, analytics, visualization, networking and telecommunications capabilities, are absolutely critical to the GFDL mission and the success of NOAA’s research.

“Through this contract, DRC will have the opportunity to leverage our core capability of architecting complex predictive modeling, data visualization and high performance computing software to help drive government results,” Paul Strasser, senior vice president of DRC’s High Performance Technologies Group. “High performance computing is critical to NOAA’s scientific research and discovery mission.”

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