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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust – A Proven Agent for Small and Mid-Sized Clients

Continental Stock Transfer and Trust is a recognized stock transfer agent employing its long history in the industry to better serve its customers. The company was founded in 1963 and, in the decades since, has not wavered from pursuing its vision to support small and medium-sized emerging and growth companies with exclusively tailored business solutions and exceptional client awareness, accessibility, and responsiveness. Right from the start, Continental has been an independent, privately-held, family-owned corporation committed to partnering with clients for the long term and it has no intention of changing.

The company holds a firm belief that an organization’s true strength lies in its people and, for five decades, it has gathered some of the industry’s most experienced experts to ask the right questions, provide the right answers and deliver the right type of support to its clients and their shareholders. The company’s foundation and top-level management and staff allow it to swiftly and deftly react to client and shareholder requests. They also make it possible for Continental to design and flawlessly execute its services according to what is best for each client. This way of doing business has held the company in good stead and helped it carve out a significant presence in the industry. It is the basis of Continental’s pledge to never settle for the way things are usually done and inspires the company’s motto: Power of stability. Spirit of agility.

Continental is devoted to companies with 50,000 or fewer shareholders and presently backs more than 1,100 public issues, i.e. 2.5 million shareholders of record across the nation. Even though it is the fourth largest agent in the United States, the company serves its clients and their shareholders in ways other large transfer agents cannot; it offers personal attention from senior staff, flexible offerings, innovative technology, exceptional execution and unmatched value.

The company strives to make its clients the center of attention. It is exceedingly proud of its history but even more so of the fact that it satisfies its clients time and again, and yearly industry surveys repeatedly confirm that it offers the best value among major agents.

In keeping with its responsibility to support client businesses, Continental endeavors to stay ahead of developing rules, regulations and industry trends. The company’s long-term experience makes this second nature and it is always eager to share its expertise and advice on noteworthy events.

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