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ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. (CKSW) Continues to Expand its Cloud-Based Customer Based with a Major Win

ClickSoftware Technologies, the pre-eminent supplier of automated mobile workforce management and optimization solutions for the service industry, announced today that the number of new customers using their products in the cloud has continued to grow with its win of a division of one of the world’s largest suppliers of high value and complex equipment. The deployed solution will provide cloud-based mobility for the division’s field workforce and will improve its mobile workforce management through optimized scheduling integration.

Field service engineers will have the capability to utilize smart phones in lieu of laptops to service complex and critical equipment by leveraging the flexibility of ClickSoftware’s enterprise mobility solution for field service. The augmented level of visibility, provided by the solution, into the equipment and those servicing allows the manufacturer of the equipment to optimize user, customer, and asset data to ensure that expectations are met.

Dr. Moshe BenBassat, ClickSoftware’s Founder and CEO, noted, “This major win is one in a sequence of large enterprise customers who recently signed for our cloud-based offerings, including two utility companies, home health care provider, and others. Moreover, several other contracts with large enterprises are now in advanced negotiation phase. Additionally a number of mid-size customers selected ClickExpress, our cloud-based special product for the mid-market. While cloud deals tend to have a smaller initial deployment size, over a relatively short period of time cloud customers will roll out the solution to the full workforce which will further increase our growing stream of sustainable recurring revenues.”

All of ClickSoftware’s products are cloud-based, including their mobile business apps, which provide customers with a unique position amongst cloud-based workforce management companies. ClickSoftware offers the specificity and functionality needed to run a real time service enterprise in today’s environment, featuring optimized planning and scheduling connected to a cloud-based mobile soltution.

Dr. BenBassat concluded, “Our pipeline shows considerable growth in large enterprises seeking cloud-based solutions. We also continue to sell nicely to large customers still preferring perpetual on-premise solutions. In fact, the total number of new recent deals signed, both in the cloud and on-premise, is comparatively higher than previous years, an indication to growing demand for mobile workforce optimization solutions and to our leadership position in the market. We believe the transition to the cloud is a very positive development for our business as we are likely to see significant increase in cloud-based reoccurring revenues which provides more visibility to our future sustainable growth.”

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