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Bollente Companies, Inc. (BOLC) Looks to Capitalize on More Stringent Energy Regulations through Expansion of trutankless® Brand

Bollente Companies, Inc. (OTCQB: BOLC), through its trutankless® brand, is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative tankless water heaters in the United States. The company strives to create electric tankless water heaters that far surpass traditional tank water heaters in terms of energy efficiency, output, dependability and environmental sustainability while effectively overcoming the drawbacks of lesser tankless units.

In April, Bollente announced the release of a new line of water heaters geared toward budget-driven customers. These products, known as the Vero™ line, boast the same unrivaled water heating performance, durability and space savings of the trutankless flagship line at a fraction of the cost. Following the enactment of updates to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act earlier this year, Bollente expects this new product line to provide an opportunity for sustainable market growth in the future.

“The new Department of Energy guidelines for water heaters are going to impact the majority of homes that currently use traditional tank water heaters,” Michael Stebbins, president of trutankless, stated in a news release. “Tanks will become larger and costlier to install, and homes requiring tank heaters that hold 55 or more gallons will have to upgrade to a heat pump for twice the cost, or go tankless. We are pleased to offer whole-home electric tankless solutions that already exceed the new energy factor guidelines.”

The company’s product offerings also include truCirc, a state-of-the-art water circulation pump designed to work seamlessly with its efficient water heaters. truCirc allows users to accurately track water usage throughout their homes and predict when hot water will be needed. By learning usage patterns, the device limits energy usage by keeping water hot only when it is likely to be needed. The product’s intuitive interface also allows homeowners to quickly and easily change delivery modes and zones to minimize wasted water.

“As a standalone product, truCirc provides tremendous energy and water savings for a household,” continued Stebbins. “When used in conjunction with a 99 percent energy-efficient trutankless unit, the end result is a complete water heating system with unrivaled efficiency, durability and long-term value to the homeowner.”

As the home construction industry continues to shift toward more environmentally-friendly solutions, Bollente is in a strong strategic position to record improved financial results. According to a report by McGraw Hill Construction, the overall green single-family housing market is expected to account for more than $80 billion in revenue by 2016, representing a 100 percent increase over the results of 2013. This continued market growth could provide Bollente with an opportunity to post strong results in the future.

Bollente’s proven product line provides the company with a platform to realize continued growth in the months to come. For prospective investors, this growth could translate into sustainable returns moving forward.

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