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Alvarion® Ltd. (ALVR) Broadband Wireless Access Division to be Acquired by Telrad Networks

Alvarion, a provider of highly optimized wireless broadband capabilities with a portfolio of solutions spanning across licensed and unlicensed spectrums, was reported today by leading private global telecom solutions provider, Telrad Networks, as having agreed to Telrad’s $6.1M acquisition offer on ALVR’s broadband wireless access (BWA) division.

In addition to the reported sticker price, the deal also stipulates that Alvarion may receive performance-based milestone payments up to $6M, which isn’t much of a leap of faith, considering the burgeoning growth of BWA technology across the massive global wireless broadband space. The incredibly transformative effect of disseminating internet access via such technology to locations all over the planet that have little to no infrastructure is profound indeed and thus the giant movements within the sector in recent years.

Alvarion’s BreezeCOMPACT is a perfect representation of this new tech paradigm’s potential, offering providers a self-contained and extremely robust outdoor unit with a small footprint that is easily deployed and yet packs everything needed to execute a super-fast wireless broadband node all in one box. Better yet, the design is future-proofed with LTE-Advanced onboard and utilizes software-defined radio design, making this the perfect device for hitting a whole slew of supported frequencies (16e, 16e+, and LTE-A). Macro base station class performance from a tight little single-box architecture allows for modular deployment and scalable coverage footprints, something which has led to ALVR’s globe-spanning BWA division growing to over 250 current broadband carriers, as well as wireless internet service providers. Furthermore, BreezeCOMPACT makes great use of ALVR’s extremely mature and field-proven, all-IP 4Motion™ technology, which provides operators with a level of situational awareness via high interoperability and immersion in a complete ecosystem at the network level, that allows for an optimal responsiveness to emerging device and service trends.

CEO of Telrad, Ran Bukshpan, underscored the broad synergies inherent in the deal, as each company is heavily enmeshed in essentially parallel technical areas. They also have much in common when it comes to end-market engagement dynamics. It’s a natural fit really and because both firms already have an established global presence in the overall market, doing business with the same types of customers around the world, the resulting entity will be poised to capture massive territory as the rush into next-gen wireless heats up.

Bukshpan projected strong returns from BWA as an aggressive roadmap for development has already been laid out for migrating customers smoothly into the new, more powerful TD-LTE (Time-Division Long-Term Evolution) Advanced environment. Bukshpan welcomed the new personnel who will be coming over from ALVR heartily and pledged to continue serving the “impressive customer base” already established by Alvarion with the same level of consistent, dedicated customer service for which Telrad is so well-liked by their enterprise telecom clientele.

The deal is huge for ALVR and also puts the already well-positioned Telrad in the pole position to dominate substantial territory in broadband wireless access innovation. The marriage of these two entities will no doubt continue to produce newsworthy events for investors to keep track of as the stampede into the LTE-Advanced 4G standard goes hypernova, especially in emerging markets where mobile adoption by consumers is strikingly above average.

Telrad’s might as an established equipment vendor and services company, providing over 100 top global telecom operators and enterprises with all the implementation, management, and provisioning help they need to get the job done, will serve as a major springboard for ALVR’s ground-breaking product portfolio.

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