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Aehr Test Systems (AEHR) Receives Orders Totaling Over $2.5 Million from Leading IC Manufacturer

Aehr Test Systems, a global vendor of semiconductor test and burn-in equipment, announced today that it has received orders from a leading manufacturer of advanced logic integrated circuits (ICs) totaling over $2.5 million for its burn-in and test systems. This particular customer makes its products for automotive, embedded processing, digital signal processing, and analog applications. This batch of orders includes down payments to ensure delivery slots and volume pricing discounts.

Specifically, the orders are for multiple Advanced Burn-in and Test Systems (ABTS™), as well as a follow-on MAX™ system. The ABTS systems were designed with an innovative low-cost high volume configuration directed at production test and burn-in of lower-power devices. This new ABTS delivers the flexibility of high voltage Device Power Supplies configurable with 60V, 80V, 150V, or 230V programmable voltage ranges, all of which are required for automotive and power-line applications. This new ABTS will begin to ship in the fourth quarter of 2013.

“We are pleased to receive these orders for production test and burn-in systems,” said Carl Buck, vice president of marketing at Aehr Test Systems. “The new ABTS system configuration offers over 50% more device test capacity than our previous MAX family of production test and burn-in systems. Importantly, this new ABTS is designed to allow the customer to continue to use their extensive inventory of MAX-style burn-in boards on the ABTS while also offering the increased capacity for new devices. This ABTS configuration extends the capabilities of our MAX systems by providing an increase to 128 I/O channels and 8 unique device power supplies per burn-in board, in addition to the new high-voltage supplies.

“The new configuration extends our already successful ABTS-Pi system, which features Individual Temperature Control of each device for high power applications, to provide a lower cost and higher parallel solution for automotive, standard logic and high voltage applications,” Buck concluded.

The ABTS family of products is founded upon a new hardware and software platform that was purposely designed for compatibility with currently available devices, as well as devices that will be introduced in the coming years. It can test and burn-in both logic and memory devices, including resources for high pin-count devices and configurations for high-power and low-power applications. The ABTS system can be configured with up to 72 burn-in boards with up to 320 I/O channels each and 32M of test vector memory per channel. The ABTS system is optimized for use with the Sensata iSocket* Thermal Management Technology, which provides a scalable cost-effective solution using individual device temperature control for ICs up to 75 watts or more. Individual temperature control enables high-power devices with a broad range of power dissipation to be burned-in simultaneously in a single burn-in chamber while maintaining a precise device temperature. The ABTS system also uses N+1 redundancy technology for many key components in the system to maximize system uptime.

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