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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) and Sky Power

The green revolution has spurred new investigations into aspects of our geophysical world as never before. The search for energy has prompted the research and development of technologies that are unleashing sources of power not previously appreciated or, in some cases, even known. At first, as with all newly explored technologies, critics pointed to inefficiencies, citing current understandings as proof that various new approaches could never work. But such shortsightedness always ignores the most important power of all: the power of the human mind to continue exploring and learning until, one by one, the technical problems are solved. Looking at the first tentative flights of Orville and Wilbur Wright, who would have predicted the potential of the aircraft? Looking at the size and limitations of the first crude electronic brains, who would have imagined a world of interconnected computers and mobile devices?

As the technical obstacles gradually fall, new opportunities for renewable energy continue to surface. One of the latest, and perhaps most striking, is being uncovered by SEFE, Inc., a Colorado company that has discovered a way to grab pure electricity directly out of the air. Some have called it lightening-in-a-bottle, but it is not actually lightening they are after. Rather they have found a way to tap the electrical differentials that exist in the atmosphere regardless of weather. It’s a source that is available virtually everywhere on earth, what could better be termed “sky power.”

Unlike solar power solutions, the SEFE system, called Harmony, can provide power at any time of the day or night, regardless of sunlight. Unlike wind power, Harmony can operate in any weather conditions, regardless of wind. Unlike geothermal or hydropower, Harmony is not limited to only a few favorable locations. In addition, Harmony does not require a big geographic footprint, such as wind farms or hydroelectric dams. Nor does it require extensive infrastructure; it can be hooked to the grid or operate independently in remote locations.

Sky power is a revolutionary technology that is just taking off, and SEFE has the patents to make it the world’s controlling player.

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