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Predictive Oncology Inc.’s (NASDAQ: POAI) Unique Assets, AI Capability Address Unmet Need in Growing Field of Precision Medicine

  • Predictive Oncology is at forefront of growing trend of precision medicine
  • The company applies smart tumor profiling, AI platform to extensive genomic and biomarker patient data sets
  • POAI has large amounts of historical, standardized patient data from clinical testing that can be leveraged immediately

The moment has come for Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: POAI). A knowledge-driven, precision-medicine company, POAI focuses on applying data and artificial intelligence to personalized medicine and drug discovery. The company applies its smart tumor profiling and AI platform to extensive genomic and biomarker patient data sets to predict clinical outcomes and, most importantly, improve clinical outcomes for cancer patients of today and tomorrow.

While precision medicine, sometimes referred to as personalized medicine, is a relatively new term, the idea has been around for years ( Defined by the U.S. National Library of Medicine as “an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person,” the approach is gaining momentum as data sets especially in genomics have grown rapidly. Applying AI approaches to these large data sets offers the ability to more deeply analyze these data much faster and with more accurate results than previously.

Predictive Oncology is at the forefront of this growing trend that examines multiple factors about the patient from genomics, tumor profiles, nutrition, environmental factors, lifestyle and habits to determine a plan of action for treatment. In a recent overview (, POAI notes that for years, big pharma has invested tremendous resources — both financial and human — in genomics in order to understand a patient’s genome and hopefully provide more targeted treatments. However, despite the significant amount of time and money devoted to the research, success rates for such targeted therapies remain low, and adoption in clinical practice is lukewarm. It has become increasingly clear that genomics alone is not enough.

Experts are beginning to see a compelling need for a multi-omic approach, or a method that combines a variety of data sets including genome, transcriptome, epigenome, proteome, response-ome and microbiome. However, while this approach may provide a higher chance of successful treatment, accessing the data is proving to be challenging. Few comprehensive, multi-omic data sets exist, and initiating new data-collection projects are both time consuming and costly.

Enter Predictive Oncology. Competitors in the cancer field must wait at least five years to determine patient survival rates for specific treatments before they can show value in the data they have gathered. POAI, on the other hand, has vast amounts of historical data that it has been compiling for years, time-tested and proven data that can be leveraged today.

The company’s data includes two unique assets:

  • A clinically validated, patient-derived (PDx), tumor-profiling platform that can generate drug-response profiles and other multi-omic data
  • Data on the drug-response profiles of more than 150,000 tumors across 137 cancer types, validated by using the PDx platform in more than a decade of clinical testing.

In addition, the company continues to generate more data every day and has the ability to mine its existing assets to identify even more outcome data.

Predictive Oncology, which began as a joint venture between Skyline Medical and Helomics, is ideally positioned to harness the power of artificial intelligence and work with the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech industries to develop AI-driven predictive models of tumor drug response to impact patient outcomes.

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