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PITOOEY! Inc. (PTOO) Introduces a Better Way to Link Consumers and Businesses

PITOOEY! Inc. is all about breaking through the clutter of consumer search, to help people simplify and customize their interface with the vendor community, so that they are dealing one-on-one with businesses, and only the businesses, that they have chosen.

With PITOOEY! the user builds a list, reflecting the places and things that they like. Taken together it generates a composite picture of who they, as a consumer, really are. A picture that filters out all of the advertising noise, while maintaining the communications and opportunities they want to know about. For once, it puts the consumer in control of the messages they get, while creating an efficient, organized, and rewarding preference-based search experience.

The iPhone app process is simple and effective to use:

• Search and add your favorite places to a list
• Find new places near you and add them to your list
• ‘Auto-magically’ build your list based on those preferences
• Receive notifications only from companies on your list
• Find, save, and redeem offers for places near you

Through its rapidly developing app., PITOOEY! is pioneering a new approach to electronic marketing, while giving consumers a break. Not only does it provide consumers with a new and more personalized way to get the information they want, it also helps businesses enhance communication with target customers, consumers that are far more likely to actually purchase their product or service. By so doing, PITOOEY! addresses the single biggest problem facing online marketing, the problem of irrelevance.

Electronic advertising, versus print advertising, has made it far too easy for businesses to simply broadcast their marketing, hitting thousands or even millions of consumers, regardless of interest. As more and more businesses have jumped on the wagon, the result has become an irritating and off-putting barrage of unwanted solicitations, turning away the very consumers that vendors want to attract.

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