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National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (NWMH) Committed to Reducing C&D Waste Environmental Impact

Construction and demolition (C&D) debris occupies a significant portion of the entire waste stream in the United States, and improper disposal or failure to reuse or recycle this type of waste can have a major impact on the environment. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (, C&D waste amounted to more than 530 million tons in 2014, which was twice as much as the amount of solid municipal waste generated nationwide. Most of this debris (over 90 percent) came from demolition works, while the rest came from construction projects. The largest sector that generated C&D waste was non-residential demolition, followed by residential renovation, the EPA figures show.

Typically consisting of bulky, heavy materials such as wood products, steel, drywall, plaster, bricks and clay tiles, concrete and asphalt and even building components, C&D waste is more difficult to handle, so proper disposal and/or recycling often requires an extra effort on behalf of the contractor or beneficiary of the construction project. Most C&D debris ends up in a landfill, and that is considered the end of its lifecycle. However, due to the EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management approach, a growing volume of construction and demolition waste is now being recovered and recycled, thus reducing the need to mine for virgin materials.

Florida-based National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NWMH), a professional waste management operator offering a comprehensive suite of relevant services, is committed to recycling as much C&D waste as possible from all of its services, primarily from its 54-acre landfill located in Hernando, Florida. The landfill is authorized by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and disposes of roughly 240,000 cubic yards of C&D waste every year.

With a strong dedication to Department of Environmental Protection standards and to the Sustainable Materials Management approach, National Waste Management Holdings focuses on reducing the volume of excessive waste by recycling several C&D materials. For this purpose, it has transformed its entire line of services to focus on recycling and has plans to set up a portable waste sorting line at its landfill this year, so as to increase recyclable rates. The company receives a wide range of approved C&D waste at its landfill, including asphalt; brick; drywall and plaster; lumber and wood; pallets; dirt, sand and uncontaminated soil; roofing materials; glass; metal materials; non-asbestos insulation; electrical wiring and components; and more.

In its efforts to further reduce the environmental impact of C&D debris, National Waste Management Holdings has already found a great use for the wood debris collected through its landfill and transfer stations: it manufactures and sells its own line of proprietary mulch, a high-quality product already used to help beautify homes and commercial properties throughout west and central Florida. The mulch is made entirely of recycled wood and is available either in natural color or red dyed.

According to the EPA, reducing the amount of C&D debris disposed of in landfills can have significant economic and environmental benefits, such as preserving landfill space; having fewer disposal facilities, which can lower methane gas emissions and other associated environmental issues; reducing the negative environmental impact associated with the extraction and production of virgin construction materials; adding new economic and employment opportunities in the recycling industry; and creating additional business opportunities for local communities.

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