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Moxian, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOXC) Positioned to Exploit China’s Consumer Consumption Growth

  • China will see nearly $2 trillion in new consumer-driven consumption by 2021
  • Moxian facilitates Chinese consumer consumption
  • Tweaked business model positions Moxian for more rapid expansion

China’s overall economic growth has slowed from its nearly 30 years of 10 percent annual improvement, but the Chinese consumer economy is still massive in absolute terms and poised for steadily increased expansion. With a population of 1.3 billion, China now comprises the world’s second-largest economy. Since the market reforms in 1978, China has shifted from a central government planned economy to a market-based economy and has experienced rapid consumer-driven economic development. China is now an upper middle-income country that sustains a targeted 6.5 percent GDP growth rate and has lifted nearly a billion people out of poverty. From centrally planned to consumer-driven, China’s growth is now consumer reliant.

China will see nearly $2 trillion in new consumer-driven consumption by 2021, which equates to about 27 percent of “total consumption growth” that will occur in the world’s major economies during the same period ( Over the next several years, China will prove to be one of the greatest opportunities in the world for consumer-oriented companies.

Technology is stoking China’s consumer growth. Skipping historic hard wired infrastructure, the Chinese consumer is mobile and internet savvy. About twice the percentage of Chinese consumers are likely to use a mobile device to make retail purchases as their counterparts in Europe and the United States.

Recently upgrading its mobile payments capability, Moxian, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOXC) is bridging e-commerce to brick and mortar retail. Moxian’s creative and socially interactive online platforms and mobile applications are moving the Chinese consumer from online views to retail purchases at Moxian’s brick and mortar client locations. The company’s seductive social network integrates social media and business into a single platform that offers products, features and services that appeal to consumers, keeping them engaged and referring new customers.

The company’s ingenious and captivating online platforms and mobile applications, the Moxian+ User app and the Moxian+ Business app, allow businesses to interface with both new and existing customers. These online interactions provide each business with the data to analyze consumer likes, dislikes and trends. Moxian’s platforms provide businesses with the ability to create, manage and promote individualized customer loyalty programs, targeted advertising campaigns and special promotions. These interactions between users and Moxian’s merchant clients drive retail traffic into the brick and mortar locations and give merchant client the ability to study consumer behavior and custom-tailor offerings to consumers.

To exploit the immense upside trend, Moxian recently tweaked its business model to grow even more rapidly by utilizing a joint venture strategy and leveraging entrenched businesses to efficiently penetrate China’s top four markets. MOXC’s relationship with China’s dominant payment processor, UnionPay, is integral to the new strategy. A UnionPay processing module on the Moxian+ platform allows MOXC to attract new joint venture partners in China and neighboring Asian markets. The Moxian+ Merchant platform now offers digital processing modules for UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChatPay. These modules allow payment processing as Moxian drives evermore traffic and engages evermore consumers. These changes place Moxian even more in the mix and poised to reap substantial rewards by facilitating the immense growth of the Chinese consumer market.

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