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Methes Energies International Ltd. (MEIL) Extensive Know-How Produces Client Success

Methes Energies is a biodiesel producer with a portfolio of products and services that aids companies in the biodiesel production industry. The company delivers a myriad of solutions for a wide range of challenges in the biodiesel industry. Methes Energies offers help with sourcing companies’ feedstock, marketing their biodiesel, supporting companies through the chemistry challenges of making on-spec biodiesel, and staying compliant with RSF2 and EPA regulations throughout every step of the production process. Companies that work with Methes Energies are provided with peace of mind as the company’s aim is to help businesses succeed by addressing the challenges, requirements, and compliance issues all companies in the biodiesel space face throughout the production process.

Methes Energies is able to provide its consultation-style services through the work of a committed staff with over ten years of daily hands-on experience. Simply put, the company helps its customers by bringing clarity to the challenges biodiesel companies regularly encounter. Their expertise assists other companies, as well as their own, in maintaining the high level of quality and success on which it built its name. MEIL’s team of consultants and strategic partners offers consulting, operational and troubleshooting services, covering every aspect and phase of a biodiesel project, as well as biodiesel production. Meyhes also offer practical solutions based on real-life experiences. From plant design and management, MEIL’s team assists in identifying the expansion solution tailored to its client’s current facility, or additional equipment requirements, such as a pre-treatment and post-treatment system.

In addition to helping businesses in the biodiesel sector succeed, Methes Energies offers a top-notch biodiesel processor system that is unique by way of being fully automated and featuring a continuous flow that can run on a variety of feedstock. The company also sells the biodiesel fuel it produces at its production center in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

As of March 2014, Methes Energies has received its first manufacturing order from Antilla Energy VBA to produce a Denami 600, which will be delivered to Aruba upon completion. The company believes that this order is just a glimpse of the achievable success it anticipates going forward. The company looks forward to receiving many more orders of this nature as it executes its well-conceived business plan.

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