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Methes Energies International Ltd. (MEIL) Announces Affiliation with Ontario Biodiesel Association

Today before the opening bell, it was revealed that Methes Energies Canada Inc. has joined the Ontario Biodiesel Association as a Founding Member. The Ontario Biodiesel Association engages in promotion efforts on behalf of production and use of biodiesel in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Members of the Ontario organization have made investments of over $80 million in plant and equipment for biofuel production in the province. Aside from environmental benefits, notably the biofuel industry exercises positive direct and indirect economic influences on Ontario and its agricultural sector.

Paul Grenier, Executive Director for the Ontario Biodiesel Association, said, “OBA’s strength is the unity of biodiesel producers, supporting Provincial policy development, to improve Ontario’s air quality by promoting increased use of Biodiesel. The OBA is working with the Ontario government, feedstock suppliers, and other key stakeholders to the industry to reach this goal.”

Methes Energies Canada Inc. President Nicholas Ng, said, “We are proud to be a Founding Member of the OBA and look forward to work together with other producers in the province. The timing of a mandate in Ontario could not be better and we are hoping for an early implementation as early as April 2014. Other provinces in Canada have strong mandates already in place including production incentives for biodiesel producers. Ontario is moving in the right direction and we are excited to be part of the process in helping the government drafting policies that will have a positive impact for all stakeholders.”

In May 2013, the Ontario Minister of Finance, the Honorable Charles Sousa, via the government’s budget, announced and committed to a consultation process for Ontario’s biofuel policy development. Having begun in July 2013, this process, Methes Energies Canada Inc. notes, along with the creation of the Ontario Biodiesel Association, shows the biofuel industry’s commitment to its industry participants’ collective interests and concerns.

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