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Lexaria Bioscience Corp.’s (CSE: LXX) (OTCQX: LXRP) Patented DehydraTECH™ Platform Increases CBD Tissue Absorption by 1,937%

  • DehydraTECH™ drug delivery platform achieved a 319% higher CBD blood concentration level at 60 minutes than the generic coconut oil formulation
  • The technology can be used on the nicotine market, the pharmaceutical market, and the cannabinoid market
  • No other company in the world has a patent for improved delivery of all non-psychoactive cannabinoids
  • Partnership with one of the world’s largest tobacco companies with up to $12 million in Lexaria funding for clinical investigations and product development

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE: LXX) (OTCQX: LXRP) has launched a revolutionary technology that accelerates intestinal absorption of bioactive substances administered without the need for inhalational dosing, co-administration with sweeteners or sugars, and other unhealthy practices. It is applicable to absorption of cannabis and nicotine, among other bioactive substances.

According to company data, DehydraTECH™ can be used successfully in multiple industries, including the nicotine market (estimated at approximately $746 billion), the pharmaceutical market (more than $68 billion), as well as the cannabinoid market (estimated at over $10.5 billion) (

DehydraTECH™ is patented for all non-psychoactive cannabinoids as well as for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and psychoactive cannabinoids. The platform reduces the time of onset of THC by four times on average (

Lexaria is the only company in the world that holds patents for oral delivery of all cannabinoids and nicotine. The company has been awarded 16 patents in the United States and Australia and holds 60 globally pending patents. Recently, Lexaria obtained two patents for treating certain conditions including, but not limited to heart disease, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, and others. The platform has potential applications to treat the common form of dementia as well as other nervous system diseases.

The company has developed its technology based on recognition of the fact that inhalation of drugs into the lungs can be dangerous. Edible ingestion enables much healthier and safer absorption. The platform has also been proven to deliver up to 10 times more of active ingredients than traditional edibles. DehydraTECH™ is the first platform that makes it possible to avail many of the benefits of inhalation while greatly reducing the risks.

Medical researchers have struggled to find ways to penetrate the blood brain barrier effectively to transport beneficial drugs for many years. This barrier exists to block toxic or otherwise dangerous substances from entering the brain and is formed by layers of microvascular endothelial cells inside blood vessels. Lexaria’s DehydraTECH™ drug delivery platform brings beneficial drugs to the brain faster.

In June 2019, Lexaria completed a series of animal studies using an enhanced formulation of its DehydraTECH™ technology. This series built on the company’s original, independent, third-party laboratory in vitro lab experiments began in 2015, which showed utilization of the DehydraTECH™ drug delivery platform increased the absorption levels of cannabidiol (CBD) in human intestinal cells by an impressive 499%. The results of the studies showed delivery of 1,937% more CBD into animal brain tissue after 8 hours using the enhanced DehydraTECH™ technology in comparison with generic industry MCT coconut-oil formulations. Moreover, the animal studies using the enhanced formulation showed an 811% increase of CBD delivery into the blood in comparison with generic MCT coconut-oil formulations.

Additionally, Lexaria recently partnered with one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, which is providing up to $12 million to fund 100% of Lexaria’s portion of the obligations for clinical investigations and development of oral forms of nicotine delivery using the DehydraTECH™ drug delivery platform (

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