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Latitude 360, Inc. (LATX) Engages With the Fantasy Sports Market

Latitude 360 is an award-winning developer and operator of upscale, multi-dimensional dining and entertainment venues. The company is involved in the planning, development, construction and operation of its venues, all of which deliver its signature “360 Experience,” a unique dining and entertainment experience that is unlike other concepts around the world.

Latitude 360 has three cutting-edge venues operating in Indianapolis, Indiana; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Jacksonville, Florida. At each of these locations, guests are presented with a flood of entertainment choices. Yet, Latitude 360 continuously looks for ways to improve the guest experience at its venues.

In September 2015, Latitude 360 entered the exploding daily fantasy sports market. The company officially launched 360 Fantasy Live, a much anticipated platform designed to appeal to booming number of national daily fantasy sports enthusiasts and others who may have never heard of Latitude 360 or its restaurants.

360 Fantasy Live will allow users to register on then participate in thrilling, spirited daily fantasy contests ranging from free competitions to wagered events that offer chances to win big money every day. Some of the competitions currently available are the daily Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League contests as well as weekly and daily National Football League season contests. Contests for the National Basketball Association will join the mix at the beginning of their season.

Not only does 360 Fantasy Live significantly improve Latitude 360’s overall entertainment concept, it also considerably intensifies the sports watching experience. 360 Fantasy Live has been initiated at all of Latitude 360′s dining and entertainment venues so that the patrons who participate in the daily fantasy contests can watch their players perform on the venues’ large high-definition screens. The platform also allows these patrons to continue the Latitude 360 experience after leaving one of the company’s locations via the 360 Fantasy Live website.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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