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Net Element, Inc. (NETE) Takes Center Stage at Noble Financial Conference

At the recent annual Noble Financial Equities Conference in Florida last week – an opportunity for small-cap, micro-cap and OTC companies to make their pitches for institutional investment –Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETE) stood out as more and more investors look to get into the mobile-payments tech space.

Net Element has been assertively developing its mobile-payment platform for several verticals, including the growing online casino gaming vertical and in banking and retail. The company’s CEO, Oleg Firer, gave the company’s presentation at last week’s Noble conference and highlighted the progress the company has made in recent months as well as the company’s future growth potential in several verticals thanks to its mobile-payments platform.

Net Element has been assertive in developing its platform for online gaming, which has become a rapidly expanding segment of mobile entertainment, and a segment that really demands an effective mobile-payment platform that will not be segregated according to the type of device or operating system that is used.

And the Net Element platform has recently modified and expanded into the mobile-banking space in Russia, where a Net Element subsidiary, OOO TOT Money, is looking to make an impact by providing a platform for bank customers to do secure transactions digitally from their mobile devices and reducing or eliminating the need for customers to go into physical bank branches to do their business.

With some analysts posting a “strong buy” rating on Net Element stock late last year and suggesting a $5.50 price target on a stock that was trading below $1.25, there seems to be sentiment that Net Element is poised to be more than a viable market player in the mobile-payment space.

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