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eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) Revolutionizing an Industry with Cutting Edge Technology

With advancements in technology hitting each sector of the world, the real estate industry is not far behind. Almost every industry has been subject to some form of digitization, allowing these industries to grow and reach new audiences. This virtual world has enabled real estate companies to reach not only new audiences, but audiences further afield. From the comfort of a computer or a mobile device, people can choose their next homes, no matter where they are.

The real estate industry did not just lean toward a more digital approach because it would sell to more people. This phenomenon has enabled people to gain more information and imagery concerning residential and commercial properties. Thanks to the digital revolution, consumers have more knowledge, context, content and understanding of what they are purchasing. eXp World Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPI) offers just this with its marketing and cloud technology.

EXPI realized that, despite the evolution of technology, consumers still need real estate agents. They need agents to help them navigate through an emotional process. These services allow agents to give more information, offer perspective and market expertise, and to communicate with sellers on their behalf. As a result, eXp World Holdings created a real estate brokerage with the right people in mind, but without the brick and mortar expenses.

The company uses the Unity3D virtual reality platform to not only help consumers make decisions on their property choices, but also to train, educate, and help their agents build their own businesses. With this, EXPI has been able to grow an internationally renowned brokerage, owned by the agents themselves. Most recently, EXPI was compared to Pokemon Go, the wildly popular location-based reality mobile game that has developed a compelling merger of game and technology. The key difference between the two is that eXp World Holdings uses its unique technological platforms for business in order to help consumers buy and/or sell their homes.

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