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Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR) Rides Franchising Wave

America is no stranger to controversy when it comes to international relations. The U.S. has never been isolationist, and its growing influence in the world has continually come under scrutiny and fire. Nevertheless, while American political influence may be contested, American cultural influence remains strong. In spite of periodic calls for resistance, American culture, in one form or another, continues to spread. Industrial and economic globalization, together with the fall of communism, has accelerated the process, until now there are few places on the planet that don’t embrace at least some aspects of American popular life.

Although American influence crosses virtually every industry, perhaps the most visible aspect of American culture reach is seen in the spread of American based franchises. The concept of franchising goes back a long way in the U.S., which helps explain the ubiquitous nature of Coca-Cola, one of the first franchisers, which started in the 1800s. Today there are American food, hotel, and real estate operations in almost every country, and it continues to grow.

Chanticleer Holdings is riding the American franchising wave as part owner of Hooters of America (HOA). The iconic restaurant with its casual sports-themed atmosphere and popular orange-clad Hooters girls, has found a welcome home in a range of international markets. HOA is now operator and franchisor of over 400 Hooters restaurants in 28 countries. In the meantime, Chanticleer Holdings itself has been opening Hooters restaurants, with rights covering Hungary, South Africa, Australia, and parts of Brazil.

Chanticleer has partnered with Alex Hemingway and his team to form Hungary-based Crown Restaurants, with the goal of exclusively developing Hooters in Hungary. The first locations are in Budapest, but Hungary will also serve as a base for future expansion in Europe. In South Africa, Chanticleer already has four operating Hooters restaurants, and anticipates many more. The company has three locations in Australia, and is currently working to open two more. And they are now also working to open their first restaurant in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro.

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