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Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR) Expands Portfolio, Acquires Hooters Pacific Northwest Franchise

Chanticleer Holdings, a minority holder in the privately held parent company of the Hooters® brand Hooters Of America and a franchisee of international Hooters restaurants, has completed its acquisition of Hooters U.S. Pacific Northwest franchise rights and two existing restaurants in Oregon and Washington.

Chanticleer has acquired 100 percent of the shares of Tacoma Wings, LLC and Hooters of Oregon Partners, LLC, owners and operators of the two locations in Portland, Ore., and Tacoma, Wash. Per the agreement, Chanticleer has obtained all leasehold and current franchise rights to the Hooters locations in Oregon and Washington. As part of its ongoing effort to expand its portfolio, Chanticleer management is also evaluating locations around the Portland and Seattle areas for future restaurant openings.

In addition, Chanticleer reports that it has acquired Chef John Tesar’s fine dining seafood restaurant, Spoon Bar & Kitchen, located in Dallas, Texas. Chanticleer intends to expand the Spoon brand by stretching its healthier seafood menu into a new, fast-casual dining concept.

“We are starting off the new year successfully completing both of these acquisitions and more importantly adding three operating restaurants to our portfolio. The Pacific Northwest provides strategic opportunities to expand the footprint of our brands,” Chanticleer chairman and CEO Mike Pruitt stated in the news release.

Chanticleer also owns and operates American Roadside Burgers and owns a majority interest in Just Fresh restaurants in the United States.

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