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Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) Follows the Western Lifestyle

For well over a hundred years, industrialized nations have continued to export a wide range of manufactured goods and associated technologies to developing countries throughout the world. More than altruism, it was viewed as an immediate economic opportunity, but also as a way of gradually lifting less developed countries into the modern world where, it was hoped, they would become even better customers. In parallel with this was the export of Western ideas: democracy, capitalism, the value of abundance, and the value of consumption.

America has played a leading role in all of this, with some unintended consequences. Because, along with all of the tractors and electronics, along with all of the democracy and marketplace economics, America has successfully exported the western lifestyle, which, as we now know, has some challenges that many people didn’t think much about a hundred or even fifty years ago; things like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, diseases that are now epidemic in the U.S.

The U.S. and industrialized countries have now had some experience with the consequences of a western lifestyle, and so they have a good idea of what to expect as developing countries start to go down the same path. As a result, they recognize developing markets in these developing countries. For example, it is now estimated that fully 80 percent of future increases in coronary heart disease will occur outside the U.S.

For Cardium Therapeutics, and its lead product Generx, the spread of western ailments to developing parts of the world means an increasing need for what the company and Generx can offer. Generx is a DNA-based growth factor that is designed to actually stimulate the growth of new blood vessels around the heart. In the U.S., the need for increased heart blood flow is often met with expensive and technically complicated surgery, together with long-term followup, the kind of things that are often not readily available in developing parts of the world. But Generx involves none of that, making it a strong candidate for millions of people who could otherwise go untreated.

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