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Calpian, Inc. (CLPI) Offers Latest Payment Transaction Processing Technology and Industry Connections

Calpian’s U.S. operations center around the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Calpian Commerce, which provides a variety of merchant payment transaction services and software, including credit and debit card processing, for both physical and online businesses. Their products come from well-established companies that represent the latest in transaction processing technology, including VIMAS virtual merchant application for transaction monitoring and control.

• Northern Merchant Services (NMSI) has become a top producer for Elavon (formerly NOVA), a credit card transactioning subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp supporting millions of merchants, and is the premier servicing agent for Elavon’s community bank program. NMSI has also developed their own programs for community banks and their business deposit customers.

• AIRCHARGE is a well-known developer of software and hardware for commercial payment applications, covering multiple hardware and software platforms. The company offers leading-edge payment processing systems and payment solutions, allowing merchants to accept card and check payments from mobile devices, PDAs, and laptop computers.

• SecurePay provides continually upgraded payment gateway offerings for every aspect of ecommerce and physical merchant payment processing. SecurePay, a subsidiary of Pipeline Data Corp., supports thousands of merchants nationwide, offering both off-the-shelf and custom payment solutions.

In addition to Calpian’s operating partners, the company works with a number of strategic partners to ensure superior processing options and industry communication.

• Elavon
• CHASE Paymentech
• First Data
• Transaction World
• Electronic Transactions Association

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