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GSV Capital Corp. (GSVC) Utilizing Proven Formula to Build a Portfolio of the ‘Stars of Tomorrow’

The structure of the U.S. capital markets has been in a period of significant change since the high-water mark that closed out the 1990s. While companies in those days went public earlier in their life-cycles with market caps averaging between $100 million and $300 million, the seismic shift referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley Model’ has changed the entire landscape of the market. These days, companies regularly wait much longer before releasing an IPO, leading to the median market cap skyrocketing to over $1 billion in recent years.

In today’s market, investor demand for access to the ‘stars of tomorrow’ is at an all-time high. GSV Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: GSVC), through its portfolio of innovative and promising companies, is providing investors with a roadmap of the creative solutions needed to grab this access and capitalize on it through investment in what GSV has determined are the next big companies.

Through the utilization of private marketplaces, as well as the purchasing of secondary shares directly from employees and early venture capitalists, GSV has built a portfolio designed to allow smart investors to grab a stake in promising companies that are still early in their business development. GSV is built on the understanding that, at their most fundamental level, growth companies are businesses that increase their sales and earnings at a much higher rate than the average company.

In order to find the next generation of lucrative investments, GSV founder Michael Moe introduced a framework to simplify the process of identifying potential candidates, which he refers to as the Four Ps. The Four Ps take the difficult metric of potential for growth and makes it clear and repeatable when evaluating promising companies. With a good combination of the right people, product, potential and predictability, GSV estimates that companies have a much better chance of significant growth, making them prime candidates for the company’s investment portfolio.

Generally, the company’s portfolio includes businesses from the six industry sectors which its team has concluded have the greatest potential for significant returns. These include Social Media, Mobile Computing and Apps, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Green Technology and Education Technology. This dedication to technology can be observed by viewing GSV’s current portfolio, which includes growing forces in the digital world such as online storage solution Dropbox, music streaming service Spotify and ride sharing application Lyft.

This focus on the technology industry is built into the very core of GSV, which is an abbreviation for Global Silicon Valley. GSV believes that the powerful global ideology, which is rapidly expanding from its Northern Californian beginnings, adequately represents the tremendous potential of emerging businesses on every continent around the world. As the next era of technological innovation begins and grows outside of the small Bay Area region that has harbored so much growth in the past, GSV has positioned itself to locate the cream of the crop and help investors of all backgrounds gain an initial piece of the ‘stars of tomorrow’.

As investors continue to search for improved liquidity through alternatives to today’s trend of higher value startups, look for GSV, through its portfolio of promising private companies, to position itself for significant growth opportunities in the years to come.

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ENGlobal Corp. (ENG) – A Driving Force for Specialty Engineering Services

The ENGlobal Corporation is committed to safely delivering specialty engineering solutions and professional services that lead to success for its stakeholders. At the same time, the company is deeply committed to maintaining good stewardship of the world.

Safety and quality are just two of six fundamental values at the Houston, Texas based company which aims to become the number one provider of novel automation integration services and select Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management projects for the energy industry and markets around the globe.

The ENGlobal team works the ENGlobal way, operating under six core values:

1. Safety first
The company’s employees work safely first, above all else. In addition to safety, they have also made a commitment to health and the environment.

2. Ethics without exception
They operate ethically and with the highest integrity and level of accountability, without exception.

3. Total responsiveness
They are totally responsive to the company’s valued clients and constantly serve them with quality services.

4. Teamwork in everything
They exhibit teamwork in all they do and collaborate across the entire business.

5. Quality throughout
They continuously seek to improve, to innovate, and to differentiate ENGlobal from others.

6. Communication from the start
They display urgency, passion and commitment in all business dealings.

The ENGlobal team holds tightly to these core standards in every aspect of the company’s operations. Ever since ENGlobal was established 30 years ago, the company has staked its reputation on delivering superior products and services. To achieve this goal, it closely follows industry standards to ensure it delivers the best possible value to its clients, stakeholders and markets (upstream, midstream, downstream, pulp and paper, alternative energy and government).

Founded in 1985, ENGlobal operates two divisions that specialize in subsea control systems, oil and gas automation solutions, and engineering and construction projects:

• Automation
This division focuses on integrated services relating to the design, creation and execution of complex automation, control, instrumentation and process analytical systems.

• Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management
This division provides professional consulting services for the development, administration and implementation of projects that call for expert engineering, construction management, and linked support services.

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Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc. (SVVC): One of the Most Robust Venture Capital Players in Broader Tech Category & Cleantech

According to the most recent MoneyTree Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association, 2014 saw a 61% jump from 2013 in terms of total annual venture capital investment, coming in at just over $48 billion, led by a 77% uptick in software company investments and the highest level of investment in internet-specific companies since 2000. Expansion stage investments were the real winner, more than doubling their take year-over-year to roughly $20 billion, but early stage investments saw the largest growth in terms of the raw number of deals, with a whole host of small companies coming into the market.

Amidst all this activity, Silicon Valley-based Firsthand Technology Value Fund (NASDAQ: SVVC) has steadily continued to grow the value of their portfolio. SVVC is the venture capital operation advised by Firsthand Capital Management, Inc. (formerly known as SiVest Group), which also provides investment advice for alternative energy and tech sector no-load mutual fund firm, Firsthand Funds. Having participated in some of the biggest IPOs in recent years, shrewdly entering and exiting its positions at optimum intervals, the externally managed, closed-end, non-diversified management investment company, Firsthand Technology Value Fund, has leveraged the extensive expertise of Firsthand Capital Management’s CIO and the CEO/portfolio manager of SVVC, Kevin Landis, with great success.

Landis (B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, MBA Santa Clara University) grew up in Silicon Valley and has two plus decades of frontline experience spanning engineering, market research and product management, as well as in making strategic investments in promising technology companies. A regular guest on Bloomberg News and CNBC, Landis and his insights into the tech world have also been featured numerous times in Forbes, Fortune, and Time magazines. The company’s director of research, Greg Sheppard, also brings a great deal to the table, with over three decades of experience in tech market analysis and intelligence under his belt. Sheppard is also notable for having founded iSuppli, the successful market intelligence firm which he later sold to research and analysis giant, IHS (NYSE: IHS).

With Firsthand’s team having been responsible for more than $300 million of investments across over 40 private companies within the last two decades, SVVC is one of the most robust venture capital operations in the game today. The company is focused primarily on technology and cleantech companies, with considerable traction across tech segments like advertising, consumer electronics and social media, as well as medical devices and semiconductors. SVVC got in on the Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) run early for instance, layering up a position starting back in Q4 of 2011 and existing in September of last year, bringing in a tidy 144% realized gain to benefit the company’s shareholders. A similarly well-timed entry and exit play on Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), getting in back during mid-2012 and exiting last year in October, returned even greater realized gains, with 193% upside obtained to the benefit of SVVC’s investors.

Firsthand goes way beyond such social media homeruns though, with superb plays under their belt like SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY), where the company saw a June 2012 entry and July 2013 exit, realizing a 157% gain. Firsthand also started stacking shares in the micro-electronics industry company specializing in foundry ion implantation services, Innovion, back in April of 2011. Ion implantation technology has become indispensible in a variety of silicon carbide applications like LEDs, fiber optic switching networks, and SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) for cost-effective silicon layer transfer in solar cells. Innovion was subsequently bought up by private venture capital group, West Peak Partners, in late 2014.

The company’s current top five holdings are spread across the medical device, semiconductor manufacturing and control systems, advertising technology, and advanced electronic materials industries. As of March 31 this year, SVVC has 12.8% of their preliminary net assets in intra-operative radiation delivery device manufacturer IntraOp Medical; 10.6% in Pivotal Systems, a process control and monitoring systems developer for the semiconductor manufacturing industry; 7.7% in Turn, Inc., an advertising technology developer servicing marketers and agencies in the Fortune 1000; 6.7% in semiconductor wafer processing equipment maker Mattson Technology; and 6.2% in QMAT, Inc., a developer of advanced materials for the electronics industry. These top five holdings represent 44.1% of the fund’s preliminary net assets.

Firsthand recently (March 31, 2015) pegged their preliminary NAV (Net Asset Value) or “book value,” based on the fair market value of their portfolio holdings (as opposed to the company’s share price, which is the value of the fund’s common stock on the market), at $25.14/share, including cash of roughly $0.82/share.

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Net Element, Inc. (NETE) Mobile, POS Solutions Help Even Small Businesses Cost-Effectively Tap Into Booming NFC-Based Retail Paradigm Shift

One of the most exciting up-and-comers in the world of mobile payments and POS (point of sale) systems today is the developer of the next-gen, cloud-based Aptito platform, Net Element (NASDAQ: NETE). Engineered and distributed via the company’s wholly-owned Aptito subsidiary, this suite of products, including the company’s core Aptito POS system, as well as the Aptito mPOS system, Aptito Digital Menus and Aptito Kiosk solution, allows restaurants, cafeterias and other retailers to execute truly modern, gorgeous menu and POS systems based around the iPad, iPhone, and rock-solid iOS operating system.

Technavio recently forecast the global mobile POS systems market as growing at a CAGR of 9.6% through 2019 on the strength of smartphone and tablet proliferation. The other major contributing factors to this growth are increasing consumer awareness of the key NFC (near-field communications) technologies and the fact that more and more retail locations are installing POS terminals, offering customers the option to pay via mobile. As more retailers offer the option to consumers, sentiment grows, encouraging yet more retailers to upgrade as well.

The mobile wallet technologies that go hand-in-hand with the POS systems have become a very convenient way for consumers to keep their funds handy and make purchases both quickly and easily. This technology is now rapidly displacing traditional card-based payment methods across the retail space, with leading efforts by Google (Google Wallet) and Apple (Apple Pay) making huge waves in the sprawling world of mcommerce.

According to analysts at renowned research firm, Forrester Research, mobile-based payments in the U.S. alone are on track to hit $142 billion by 2019, a 148% jump from 2014 figures. With all expectations pointing to a rapid spike in this market, which has matured significantly in the last five or more years and is now poised for considerable growth, top offerings like Apple Pay are expected to help drive that growth substantially. Forrester analysts see Apple Pay’s slice of the pie as growing to an impressive 24% market share by 2019, or around $34 billion.

Net Element provides Apple Pay services for their secure mobile-transaction platform, enabling the handling and processing of Apple Pay transactions when NFC-enabled iPhones are used. With Apple Pay currently accepted at over 700k locations and the system working natively on iPhone 6 generation devices and the Apple Watch wearable, or additionally on the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 when purchases are made via apps, NETE is shrewdly setting itself up as the go-to POS system provider in this market. Forrester Research predicts that remote mobile payments via apps will be the hottest growth segment of the mcommerce market as well, forecasting that the lion’s share of upside will be in this area over the next few years.

The company’s Aptito platform can help businesses revolutionize their retail workflow and the entire system is so cost-effective that it can be easily implemented by anyone, whether it is a large restaurant chain, or a simple snack bar.

Net Element’s powerful, all-in-one mobile Apple software also helps improve personnel efficiency, reduce inventory waste through tighter stock controls, and increase overall sales volumes due to improved user experience, the attractive high-res photo menus, and typically much faster turnover rates. The ability to present restaurant patrons in particular with up to date, full-color images of the food they will be ordering, via an easy to use interactive digital menu that can be easily updated to reflect new dishes that have been added (or specials), is a key feature that really helps to push sales volumes higher.

The facts that the wait staff can send orders directly to the kitchen electronically, the menus are synced to the register, and all this data is being fed through a single framework, means the level of situational awareness obtained via the Aptito platform can help managers ensure not just profitability, but overall operational efficiency like never before. And the fact that the entire system is implemented using relatively cheap, off the shelf iPad’s and iPhones, means that the solution is easy to manage, and affordable enough for even small businesses to roll out.

Aptito’s smart inventory capabilities are perhaps even more important than the other advantages the system provides when it comes to the bottom line, allowing managers to quickly inspect inventory in real-time, track sales within a framework that can show profitability versus cost, and even do automatic restocking. This same architecture allows managers to complete detailed, flexible work scheduling tasks and employees can actually use the system to clock in and out as well. This same capability also allows Aptito to be used in order to execute a real-time reservation system and provide customers with up to date takeout options.

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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Continues to Lead the Way with Unparalleled Client Support

The business world is full of obstacles that can slow the progress of growing companies. Since 1964, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust has been on a mission to seamlessly remove those obstacles, allowing its clients to actively build upon their progress in a variety of industries. Unlike mega-agents, which focus exclusively on giant corporations to strengthen their bottom lines, Continental is committed to companies with 50,000 shareholders or fewer. Despite its focus on smaller to midsize emerging and growth companies, Continental has established a significant presence in the industry. Today, the company is the fourth largest agent in the United States, serving over 2.5 million shareholders of record nationwide.

Continental has built a reputation over the years as the industry’s most accessible agent. Thanks to the company’s experience and history of exceptional execution, clients are free to focus on the most important aspects of growing their businesses. This dedication to top-notch service hasn’t gone unnoticed in the industry, as Continental has laid claim to the prestigious TALON Award, which is given to the top overall transfer agent in North America, for four consecutive years.

Despite its success, the company isn’t resting on its laurels. As of June 2014, Continental, through the acquisition of FRS Equity Strategies, Inc., provides a comprehensive suite of recordkeeping and stock plan administration for a diverse community of growing businesses. This move allows stock issuers to rely on a single, unified recordkeeping solution throughout the maturation process of public companies, addressing an in-demand niche that should provide a host of benefits for Continental’s clientele.

By maintaining its standing as the lowest priced major agent for over a decade, Continental has established itself as best-in-class when it comes to stock plan administration and recordkeeping for both public and private companies. Providing full access to its top-level management staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Continental has raised the bar for customer service in the stock transfer community, and the company has shown no indication of slowing down. Look for Continental’s dedication to quality and value to result in continued success in the coming years.

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NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC) Continues to Demonstrate Immense Value of Proprietary Nanomedicine Technology

NanoViricides is a developmental stage company utilizing powerful proprietary nanomedicine technology to target commercially significant viral diseases. Currently, the company’s primary programs include drug candidates to treat influenza, external eye viral diseases, HIV/AIDS, Oral and Genital Herpes and dengue viruses. Thus far, the company’s anti-viral medicines, which it refers to as NanoViricides®, have demonstrated very high levels of effectiveness when compared to currently available methods of treatment.

The company’s drug candidates are unique in the way that they combat dangerous viral illnesses. NanoViricides® work by fooling the virus to which they attach in a method that’s similar to the way that the virus itself attaches to the receptors of surface cells. This allows the medication to surround and trap the virus, potentially eliminating the coat proteins needed to bind to cells and effectively neutralizing the virus without affecting the subject’s immune system. This proprietary design counteracts the mutations that viruses use to render currently available antibodies and vaccines ineffective.

Currently, NanoViricides is conducting investigational new drug (IND) enabling studies on its Injectable FluCide™ Clinical Candidate, which is the last major step before clinical drug trials can begin. According to a recent press release, the company estimates that it has sufficient funding to perform initial clinical studies on at least one of its primary drug candidates, as well as to bring at least one other drug candidate into the IND enabling studies stage. This should put the company in a strong position to demonstrate the effectiveness of its drug platform prior to the need to seek additional funding moving forward.

In recent years, the overuse of antibiotics has caught headlines, highlighting the distinct ability of germs to outsmart today’s drugs. The same is true for viruses, such as influenza, for which annual vaccines are common. According to the Center for Disease Control, though these treatment options can be helpful, in many cases, mutated strains of the virus still run rampant through communities, showing the crippling limitations of these prevention options. NanoViricides could be on the cusp of eliminating these limitations with its drug candidates. Since the binding site of a virus does not significantly change when it mutates, the company’s drug technologies could, potentially, remain effective despite modifications to viruses’ cellular makeups.

NanoViricides demonstrated the immense potential value of its platform recently by rapidly designing a new drug candidate to combat the Ebola epidemic. In just four months, the company was able to synthesize a broad-spectrum drug candidate that has been shown to maintain its effectiveness, even against mutations of the virus in the field. Though the recent Ebola outbreak is now waning, the epidemic has demonstrated a serious need for a therapeutic to control any further outbreaks. As the company continues to use its drug platform to address the needs of the medical community, near-limitless growth could be on the horizon.

With the company’s Injectable FluCide™ candidate recently being highlighted as a ‘Top Ten Infectious Diseases Project to Watch’ by a panel of experts assembled by Informa and the publishers of In Vivo, Startup and The Pink Sheet, it’s clear that the industry is beginning to take notice of the immense possibilities of the company’s proprietary NanoViricides® technology. As it approaches clinical trials for its leading drug candidate, look for NanoViricides to make strides towards significant growth in the competitive medical market.

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Inventergy Global, Inc. (INVT) Combining Experience and Knowledge to Revolutionize the IP World

According to the United States Department of Commerce, the entire U.S. economy relies on some form of intellectual property (IP), because nearly every industry either produces or uses it. In 2010, IP-intensive industries, such as the technology industry, accounted for nearly 35 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, and the importance of IP continues to grow with each passing year. Inventergy Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVT), through the extensive knowledge and experience of its management team, is working to usher in a new world in IP value creation.

Highly regarded for his IP accomplishments at tech giant Hewlett-Packard, Joe Beyers, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inventergy, formed the company to assist corporations in getting greater value from inventions and ideas. Using a win-win monetization approach, the company is able to provide clients with unmatched flexibility in their licensing efforts, leading to shared revenue with a managed level of risk. Through this method, the company is committed to becoming the leading industry standard in technology IP licensing in the years to come.

In an effort to accelerate its licensing operations, Inventergy recently announced agreements with several institutional and accredited investors involving the purchase of $2.15 million of common stock, which the company intends to use for working capital purposes in support of its licensing strategies.

“We are extremely pleased by this round of funding that provides us additional resources to pursue the various deals in our current pipeline,” stated Beyers. “This strengthens our ability to move those discussions along.”

With patent litigations on the rise and multi-billion dollar deals making headlines around the world, corporate executives are under intense pressure to properly manage and create value from IP assets. According to a report from Ocean Tomo, intangible assets made up 80 percent of the total market value of the S&P 500 in 2010, highlighting the extreme importance of adequately managing these assets. With over 100 years of combined experience handling more than $15 billion in IP and technology transactions throughout its leadership team, look for Inventergy to make significant strides towards increasing its share of the global IP market in the coming years.

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GoGold Resources, Inc. (OTC: GLGDF) (TSX: GGD) Hammering Out a Highly Profitable Silver & Gold Footprint in Northern Mexico

Despite a history of mineral recovery stretching back over five centuries to before the colonization of the country by Spain, Mexico’s massive mineral belts – which are some of the most prolific precious metal producers on earth – have barely been scratched up until more recently. The vast majority of production activity in Mexico was historically concentrated on exploiting the rich surface deposits, meaning that a more concerted application of modern mining techniques and hardware since the early 2000′s has been able to really unleash the true potential of the country’s abundant mineralization, resulting in a quadrupling of gold output that has skyrocketed the country up the list to where it currently holds the number nine slot globally, with around 92 metric tons (roughly 3.25 million ounces) of production last year.

When it comes to silver, Mexico is top dog and has taken the number one producer slot globally for many years now, and produced around 5.2k metric tons last year (over 184M oz), off slightly (2M oz) from the country’s all-time record high posted in 2013. Traditionally, Mexico has been an extremely attractive, relatively low-risk jurisdiction for precious metals production, with Sonora in particular (the country’s top mining state by production and permit volume), benefiting alongside other northern Mexico states in large part due to the logistical benefits of being located just south of the U.S. border. The overall nationwide mining sector has a solid outlook according to the latest analysis by BMI View, with a projected 2.7% annual growth rate through 2018, when it is estimated that the mining sector as a whole will hit upwards of $16.9 billion on the back of a stable business environment and continued strength in silver production, allowing the country to maintain its position as world leader in output of the white metal.

However, despite the relatively lax environmental regulations compared to other countries, the cheap labor and the numerous financing, promotional and other benefits offered to established, as well as prospective mining companies, by both the semi-autonomous government trust FIFOMI (Fideicomismo de Fomento Minero) and the central government’s Mining Coordination Office, the recent imposition of a 7.5% royalty on profits and 0.5% tax on precious metals means that only the best-of-breed companies are doubling down these days. Mexico’s environment ministry (SEMARNAT) is even moving to impose tighter restrictions on operators now, ever since the Sonora River disaster last year in August, when millions of gallons of sulphuric acid, heavy metals and copper sulphate were accidently spilled by the world’s third largest copper producer, Grupo Mexico, which was formed during the privatization of the state mining company under the Salinas government back around 1990.

One of the companies that has proven its ability to survive and actually thrive in this new environment, even with gold and silver prices trending towards 2010 levels, at around $1,200/oz and $16/oz respectively (as of April 14), has been well-financed, Canadian-based GoGold Resources, Inc. (TSE: GGD) (CVE: GGD) (OTC: GLGDF). GoGold’s primary operation in southern Chihuahua state, consisting of the Parral Tailings site and nearby $2.5 million heap leach facility, possesses premium metrics and the company has proven itself able to not only rapidly develop the project in an orderly and efficient manner, but to do so under-budget. Acquired in August of 2012, GoGold subsequently completed a PFS (pre-feasibility study) on Parral defining a 35 million silver equivalent ounces reserve, or some 20.3 metric tons grading 38.4 grams per tonne Ag and 0.31 g/t Au. This one tailings pile represents nearly three and a half centuries of dumped material, making it a low-risk and extremely stable cash generator for GoGold.

Since pouring their first bar of dore at Parral back in June of 2014, GoGold has been able to successfully tune their operations and post successively declining cash costs per silver equivalent ounce, with their best performance to date reported April 9, 2015, as the company saw a 14.8% drop in such costs compared with the previous quarter. Mind you, this is only about a month since the official start of commercial production at Parral (defined as 60% of designed tonnage maintained on the heap leach pad and subsequent recovery for 30 consecutive days) that was announced March 1. To make the case for a robust operation even more obviously, the company also saw a 37% quarter-over-quarter jump in production output to 315.804k silver equivalent ounces. With stacked tonnage grades on the heap leach pad roughly 20% higher than in the PFS, recovery rates currently at 92% on the first cell of the pad, and the company stating that they are on track to hit 100% rates this quarter, the recovery rate is also higher than initially stated in the PFS.

The addition in February to this project’s already compelling economics, of an NI 43-101 validated 12.6M silver equivalent measured and indicated ounces (49 g/t Ag and 0.26 g/t Au), via execution of a definitive agreement ensuring the company an exclusive option to process the Esmeralda (Promotora) tailings from a nearby site, adds substantially to the overall project profile’s allure. With extensive due diligence performed by GoGold, via contracting Boart Longyear for their Sonic Drill System and the punching of 158 holes, consisting of some 10.9k feet of drilling, leading to the release of the NI-43-101 in February, this additional acquisition means GoGold has a superbly localized strategy on their hands here and can take full advantage of their heap leach facility’s lifespan.

In addition to their core project, GoGold Resources has a handful of other exciting projects underway, including their recently environmentally permitted Santa Gertrudis project, a past-producing gold mine in Sonora, where considerable infrastructure is already in place (including pre-stripped pits, haul roads, water facilities and personnel housing), improving the project’s economics handsomely. With the final mine design and engineering currently in progress and a six-month window estimated for construction, as well as a PEA (pre-economic assessment) from September last year indicating an 810k oz Au resource (255k oz Au inferred) recoverable at an estimated $699 all in sustaining cost per ounce over the mine’s life, Santa Gertrudis is rapidly emerging as a significant potential source of future profit generation for the company’s shareholders. Santa Gertrudis’ initial projected CAPEX is roughly $32 million, including a 20% contingency. With a mine life of approximately 12 years, doing 7.5k tonnes per day (56k oz Au per year) using a conventional heap leach approach to process the primarily oxide resources (easily heap leachable), which is estimated as costing only $16M over the life of the mine, the overall upside here could be extremely significant to investors.

Down in Durango, GoGold is developing a 176.7k-acre epithermal gold and silver exploration project in the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental Gold-Silver Belt known as the San Diego Project, which contains three interesting targets tested by 87 drill holes to date. Breccia Hill is an open pit target on which the company has done some 918 surface and underground sampling hits, with returns from the open pit target area yielding arithmetic average assay grades in the neighborhood of 1.23 g/t Au, with 13.15 g/t Ag. Some nice drill results have come back already from tapping into the core mineralized zone, including one 348 foot interval from 160 feet to 505 feet down that showed 1.98 g/t Au and 20.5 g/t Ag over 275 feet (true width), as well as a surface to depth 423 foot hole, with an interval showing 1.18 g/t Au and 13.5 g/t Ag over 230 feet (true width).

Similar results at the second target Chispa De Oro, which consists of high sulfidation epithermal breccia zones, including a 244 foot interval starting just ten feet below the surface, which showed 0.24 g/t Au and 76.36 g/t Ag with a strong 1.25% copper secondary, could grant this project solid backdrop profitability due to the abundant copper mineralization. The third target at the San Diego Project, Las Europas, has shown some impressive high-grade silver, including a nearly 26 foot interval over 23 feet (true width), showing a whopping 938 g/t Ag.

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Aggressive Acquisition Strategy Grows Builders FirstSource, Inc.’s (BLDR) Topline, National Ranking

Shares of Dallas-based Builders FirstSource spiked to a new 52-week high in today’s morning trade following yesterday’s announcement that it will acquire privately held lumber supplier ProBuild for $1.63 billion in cash.

BLDR manufactures professional-grade building materials and products for U.S. homebuilders and remodelers. Through its 56 distribution centers and 56 manufacturing facilities across nine southeastern states, the building materials company produces a variety of products including decking, stairs, cabinets, shelving, siding and insulation, windows, interior and exterior doors, mirrors, lumber and more.

Based on 2013 sales figures, ProSales Magazine ranks BLDR as the nation’s third-largest building products provider. The company employs an aggressive acquisition strategy, and since its formation in the late 1990s has acquired more than 26 companies that contribute to the company’s growth.

Despite weaker-than-expected new home construction in 2014, BLDR increased its topline and expanded its product offering and customer base.

The acquisitions drove Q4 2014 revenues 7.5% higher to $397 million while fiscal full-year sales increased 7.7% to $1.6 billion. Excluding the impact of these acquisitions, Q4 revenues increased 3.0% while full-year sales increased 5.8%. Full-year sales volume grew 7.9% before a 2.1% negative impact of commodity price deflation on total sales.

In the second half of 2014 BLDR completed five acquisitions and opened a new distribution facility in Houston. The upcoming acquisition of ProBuild, a company with sales of $4.5 billion in 2014, is expected to close in the second half of 2015 and be immediately accretive to BLDR’s earnings.

BLDR CEO Floyd Sherman explained how the company plans to continue this momentum moving forward.

“Our outlook is for a steady recovery in the housing market due to factors such as continued job growth, favorable mortgage rates and lending guidelines that appear to be easing. As the economy expands and the housing market moves back towards a stronger level of activity, our focus will remain on profitably growing our revenues while continuing to look for ways to gain share, either organically or through acquisitions, and improve our operating margins,” Sherman stated in BLDR’s Q4/FY14 earnings release.

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Net Element, Inc. (NETE) Focused On Expanding Mobile Payment, Transaction Processing & PaaS Footprint In 2015

The ease and expediency of paying online for items has been further accelerated in recent years by the emergence of mobile platforms and today, with ecommerce figures as of 2014 in the neighborhood of $1.3 trillion, or nearly 6% of global retail sales, the market for mobile payment and digital transaction technologies is hotter than ever. Forecasts by eMarketer put ecommerce as climbing more and more rapidly too, with projections that by just 2018 the sector will account for 8.5% or more of all retail, led by the U.S. and China, at around $500 billion and $1 trillion respectively.

Needless to say, this environment has created a firestorm of activity in areas ranging from traditional card payment technologies, to the latest in mobile payments, and so Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETE) has been squarely focused on solidifying their global footprint as a prominent provider of integrated mobile and transaction services/processing, as well as true payments-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, primarily through their core operating subsidiary, TOT Group. Organized as a holding group designed to cover both the online and offline payment markets through its operating divisions like tablet-based POS system focused Aptito and payment processing services focused Unified Payments, TOT Group provides full-spectrum coverage to its growing customer base via highly optimized and easy to implement solutions that allow cashless transactions at the point of sale (POS), as well as the comprehensive m-commerce transaction processing, and the information/merchant terminal management services required to fully execute an end-to-end payment solution.

The recent announcement by NETE that they have extended their reach into the chip-enabled EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), card management systems and mobile payment technology markets, through a strategic partnership with the TAS Group, will help to further cement the company’s already strong foothold on the global stage, with improved traction for enhanced EMV solutions here in the U.S. being one of the most important results. TAS Group is a global provider of cloud and mobile-spanning sales intelligence capabilities through their unique sales methodologies and context-aware insight apps, which help progressive sales organizations, like cloud services-focused online content and business applications optimization and security specialists, Akami (NASDAQ:AKAM), maximize revenues from their most important accounts.

This strategic, joint-promotional relationship with TAS Group will grant NETE significant advantages in key target regions like the U.S. and Latin America, as well as the Russian Federation and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), in addition to important ancillary target markets like India, the Middle East and Africa, where EMV proliferation has the most room to grow. The ability for NETE merchants using the Aptito POS system to instantly issue EMV secure prepaid and specialty gift cards, is a superb selling point for the company and the joint promotion of TAS’ all-in-one EMV-ready prepaid system, TAS Campus, will help to increase Net Element’s presence in the education system’s growing transaction space substantially. Between NETE getting access to TAS Group’s proprietary technology and TAS Group’s promotion and reselling of NETE’s portfolio of offerings to their clients, the strategic relationship should prove fruitful indeed, especially as Net Element moves to expand their global mobile payments and PaaS footprint this year.

With a 13.3% jump in revenues year-over-year to $21.2 million for 2014, led by a considerable increase in revenues from their transaction processing business, as well as a full migration of mobile business operations to their proprietary billing system, and a reorganization of the mobile payments business towards positive operating cash flow, NETE is well-poised to expand mobile payments this year, especially in growth markets like India and the Middle East. The company hit an all-time record high in January this year as well, showing how healthy their mobile payments business truly is, with over 1 million subscribers. The closing and integration of the PayOnline acquisition, a flexible ecommerce payment solutions provider with over 3k company clients around the world, but primarily focused on the CIS, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, helped to further establish the company’s presence in those regions. A presence already made firm by the success of their premium SMS and mcommerce gateway,

Russia is going to be an important growth market for Net Element moving forward and the company is quickly achieving all of the technical and logistical requirements needed to successfully execute an omni-channel PaaS platform that will allow local businesses all over the planet to implement a truly modern transaction architecture.

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