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VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA) Receives Notice of Allowance for Stem Cell Technology

Today before the opening bell, VistaGen Therapeutics announced its reception of a Notice of Allowance from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The Notice of Allowance enables further expansion of VistaGen Therapeutics’ intellectual property portfolio, which consists of pluripotent stem cell culture systems that produce human cells of the endoderm lineage, including liver, lung, pancreas, parathyroid and thyroid cells.

The notice pertains to Canadian Patent Application No. 2,487,058, which is exclusively licensed to VistaGen Therapeutics by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai in New York and entitled “Mesoderm and Definitive Endoderm Cell Populations”. This new development builds on VistaGen Therapeutics’ recent reception of another Notice of Allowance for Canadian Patent Application 2,684,022, both of which strengthen the company’s intellectual property portfolio relating to a number of pluripotent stem cell projects VistaGen Therapeutics has been considering pursuing in Canada.

These include: projects that involve liver safety and liver toxicity-based drug rescue; customized drug discovery assays for therapies to treat liver disease and diabetes; and exploratory nonclinical studies for potential regenerative medicine applications involving beta islet cells and other cells of the endoderm lineage.

A biotechnology company, VistaGen Therapeutics is focused on using pluripotent stem cell technology for applications in drug rescue, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine.

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VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA) Provides Reverse Stock Split FAQs

Last week, VistaGen Therapeutics implemented a 1-for-20 reverse split of its common stock. As a result, the number of shares of the company’s common stock outstanding was reduced from approximately 25.5 million to approximately 1.2 million. Because the stock price went up appropriately, the split did not affect any stockholder’s ownership percentage or total market value at the time it was implemented.

The reverse stock split is intended to increase market awareness of VistaGen’s common stock and position the company for potential future listing of its common stock on a national securities exchange. A number of other reasons are listed at the new FAQs page recently posted at

To view the original press release announcing the split, visit

For those unfamiliar with the company, VistaGen Therapeutics is a biotechnology company applying stem cell technology for drug rescue and cell therapy. Drug rescue combines human stem cell technology with modern medicinal chemistry to generate new chemical variants of once-promising drug candidates that have been discontinued during late-stage preclinical development due to heart or liver safety concerns. VistaGen also focuses on cell therapy, or regenerative medicine, which includes repairing, replacing or restoring damaged tissues or organs.

More information on the company and its technology can be found at

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MeetMe, Inc. (MEET) Adds New Board Member with Digital Media Expertise

MeetMe, operator of the leading social network for meeting new people in the US and the public market leader for social discovery, today announced that Jason Whitt has been appointed to the company’s board of directors.

“We are excited to add Jason to our board of directors,” stated Geoff Cook, Chief Executive Officer of MeetMe. “Jason brings a strong product mindset and a wide variety of business development expertise. Jason’s background in mobile and digital media make him a strong addition to our board as we execute on our mobile growth plan. We look forward to many contributions to come.”

Mr. Whitt currently serves as Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development for ReachLocal, Inc., a leader in powering digital marketing for local businesses. Prior to that, he was with VantagePoint Venture Partners, where he focused on investments in Internet/digital media, cloud delivered software & services, mobile, consumer-oriented technology and healthcare IT. Prior to VantagePoint, Mr. Whitt was responsible for acquisitions, venture investing, and corporate strategy for Cisco Systems’ Corporate Business Development group, where he led numerous transactions involving communications software and applications, enterprise collaboration, mobile/wireless, Internet/digital media, and consumer technology companies.

Mr. Whitt commented, “MeetMe’s growing mobile traffic and revenue speak to the enormous opportunity to build a global brand for meeting new people. I am impressed by MeetMe’s focus on making it as easy as possible for mobile users to find new chat partners. I look forward to working with Geoff and the MeetMe team to capture the opportunity in front of us.”

The appointment of Mr. Whitt returns the board’s size to six members. Mr. Whitt replaces Alonso Ancira, who had served on MeetMe’s board from November 2006 until the Annual Meeting of stockholders held on August 11, 2014.

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Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (SBOTF) Takes World Lead in Production of Key Immuno-Oncology Cancer Therapy Agent

There are four things you absolutely must know about Stellar Biotechnologies, the world leader in the sustainable production of immunization-grade Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) molecules. For those unfamiliar with KLH, it is used as an adjuvant and protein carrier in the rapidly growing field of Immuno-Oncology Cancer (IOC) Therapy.

1. Reporting on the 2014 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), veteran biotechnology investment advisor John McCamant wrote that “the immuno-oncology sector is primed to become a super blockbuster market. Most current Wall Street estimates (placing) the immuno-oncology treatment space (at) $10–$15 billion are based on only a few cancer types (melanoma, NSCLC and renal) … but the signal at ASCO is that immuno-oncology, with all the new tools emerging, will impact the vast majority, if not virtually all, cancer types in some shape or form.”

2. The peptides, small proteins and drug molecules used in cancer vaccines and other immunological therapy agents are generally ineffective unless combined with a carrier protein capable of stimulating an intense immune response within the patient’s body. KLH, which generates a very powerful immune response, has quickly become the carrier protein of choice for most IOC applications.

3. Tests released by the National Center for Biotechnology Information show that KLH “has significant antiproliferative effects in vitro against breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and Barrett’s esophageal cancer.” Numerous other studies, some as recent as last year and others dating back almost a decade, report similar findings.

4. Historically, the best, most potent source of vaccine-grade KLH has been the California Giant Keyhole Limpet. At the present time, Stellar Biotechnology’s aquaculture breeding and processing center in Port Hueneme, California is believed to be the world’s only dedicated facility for controlled spawning and development of the limpets in a safe, non-polluted environment. The combination limpet “incubator” and processing plant uses proprietary technology and Stellar’s patented non-lethal extraction process to produce proteins optimized for use as an essential part of many Immuno-Oncology therapies. The new facility has a spawning capacity of 2 million larvae and is designed to produce 50,000 juvenile limpets per year to support the increased demand for Stellar KLH products.

In addition to providing KLH as an adjuvant to other pharmaceutical companies’ immunization formulas, Stellar is heavily invested in developing its own end-to-end KLH-based therapies for specifically targeted conditions with a limited range of current treatment alternatives.

The first of these likely to reach market is an immunotherapy vaccine to prevent primary and secondary Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections, which can, according to the Mayo Clinic, cause inflammation of the colon (colitis), patches of raw intestinal tissue that can bleed or become infested with pus and dehydration requiring hospitalization.

Stellar’s anti-C. diff agents are being produced under a worldwide license giving the company exclusive rights to develop, manufacture, and sell human C. diff vaccines derived from patented human immunotherapies discovered at the University of Guelph, Ontario. The license also awards Stellar similar rights in regard to using the patents to develop and market C. diff diagnostic aids.

“This opens significant new opportunities for Stellar and is an excellent fit in our goal to secure complementary technologies for strategic expansion,” said Frank R. Oakes, Stellar founder, president and CEO. “We hold the world’s leading technology for sustainable manufacture of KLH protein and now we have a strong platform for Stellar’s first proprietary, active immunotherapy program.”

Chief Technology Officer Herbert Chow, Ph.D., added that research done in conjunction with Guelph prior to the issuance of the license proved that “a PSII-KLH conjugate has the potential to be a major infectious disease immunotherapy” and noted that those research results plus the license “opens the door for a multitude of new uses for Stellar KLH technology.”

SBOTF’s corporate objectives are precise, clearly stated and well on the way to attainment. Its strategy, the company says, is “to produce, maintain and develop keyhole limpets through intellectual property and to continuously advance key IP to extract, purify and formulate KLH profitably, while increasing the number and maintaining the good health of the essential source animals.”

Another strategic initiative includes “marketing and selling the company’s formulations of KLH and (making) consistent efforts to expand markets, promote the use of KLH within the academic, research, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical diagnostic markets, and alone and in partnership with others, develop and sell as many proprietary KLH-based products as possible for the medical diagnostic and therapeutic markets.”

Commenting on Stellar’s impressive track record in achieving strategic partnerships with other Immuno-Oncology therapy pioneers, Oakes, a 30-year aquaculture industry veteran and developer of much of Stellar’s patented technology, noted that “this has been an important strategic year for Stellar … our corporate collaborations, where Stellar KLH is used as the critical carrier molecule in new therapeutic vaccines, are strong and poised for clinical advancement.”

The list of major stakeholders in the Immuno-Oncology space electing to become one of Stellar’s “corporate collaborators” is both impressive and growing.

Included is Bayer Innovation GmbH (BIG), which uses KLH as a key element in its personalized idiotype vaccine for the treatment of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As part of its compensation, in addition to a cash payout, Stellar was granted an exclusive, irrevocable worldwide sub-licensable and royalty-free license to the technology developed through the collaboration. The license allows BIG to use the technology in the non-Hodgkin Lymphoma vaccine under development, but Stellar may exclusively commercialize the technology in all other applications.

Stellar is also partnering with the French biotechnology firm Neovacs SA, a pioneer in developing active immunotherapy solutions for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, to provide its KLH/SUBUNIT extract for Neovacs’ trials of new vaccines for rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus.

Another collaboration is an exclusive manufacturing and supply agreement under which Life Diagnostics, a leading producer of medical testing and diagnostic kits and reagents, will use Stellar KLH to develop and manufacture Stellar-brand test kits for the detection of anti-KLH antibodies for use by immunotoxicity and immunology researchers.

Stellar has also entered into an agreement with the SAFC division of Sigma Aldrich, a highly respected international vendor of specialty chemicals and biologics for commercial life science applications. Under the terms of the contract, SAFC will “sell, distribute and market” Stellar’s high molecular weight keyhole limpet hemocyanin (HMW KLH) for application in therapeutic vaccines.

In addition to partnering with world-class pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, SBOTF has received research and other grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health’s Center for Research Resources, the California Technology Investment Partnership and the Internal Revenue Service’s Therapeutic Discovery Project Program.

Ranked number one across all five industry sectors of the 2014 TSX Venture 50®, an elite listing of top companies traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange’s sister exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange, SBOTF’s bottom-line is showing significant growth for a company almost obsessively invested in research and development. Quarter-to-quarter revenues for Q3 of the 2014 fiscal year ending in August jumped 140 percent to $102,500, while R&D spending went from $178,000 in Q3 2013 to $462,129 in 2014, largely due to development costs associated with the C. diff vaccine manufacturing process.

According to numerous studies published by the National Institute of Health and other government and private research institutes, one of the greatest potential uses of Immuno-Oncology is to help us learn how cancer bypasses the immune system and how to create new chemical barriers to close that lethal “loophole.” With the eventual goal the restoration of the body’s ability to rid itself of tumors, the demand for Stellar Biotechnologies’ KHL, KLH/SUBUNIT and other limpet-based products could potentially develop into one of those highly prized but infrequently encountered rarities known as a virtually no-limits market.

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Capstone Turbine Corp. (CPST) Receives C1000 Order for U.S. Virgin Islands Resort

Today before the opening bell, Capstone Turbine, the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced its reception of a one megawatt C1000 order to power an exclusive resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Capstone Turbine’s distributor in the region, Energy Systems of the Caribbean, is the party responsible for securing the order.

The U.S. Virgin Islands-based exclusive resort had been powering its facility with a costly, dated, and inefficient diesel reciprocating engine. It has now opted to go with a one-megawatt microturbine fueled by cleaner and cheaper propane gas as an alternative. Exhaust from the microturbine will be used to drive a 250-ton absorption chiller, which will provide air conditioning for the facility, and the unit will provide a continuous, reliable source of power twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The microturbine is reportedly able to run in parallel with local utility operations, which will give the resort greater flexibility and efficiency in its operations. The system will also generate strong cost savings over the long run, due to its high efficiency, low maintenance demands, and dependable performance. This clean energy solution will not require any lubricants or coolants for operation, reducing its maintenance costs and the resort’s environmental footprint.

“More and more customers are recognizing the value of using Capstone products to be more in control of their energy costs, while improving efficiency and reducing their environmental impact,” said Jim Crouse, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Capstone Turbine. “We are excited to see an increasing number of facility owners turn to Capstone solutions to power their business and achieving energy independence.”

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China HGS Real Estate Inc. (HGSH) Reports Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2014 Results

China HGS Real Estate, a leading regional real estate developer headquartered in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China, today reported its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2014 ended June 30, 2014.

Highlights for the Quarter

• Total revenues for the third quarter of fiscal 2014 were approximately $28.9 million, an increase of 302% from approximately $7.2 million in the same quarter of fiscal 2013. Total revenues recognized from percentage of completion method were approximately $24.2 million, which accounted for 84% of total revenues in the third quarter of fiscal 2014.

• Net income for the third quarter of fiscal 2014 totaled approximately $8.2 million, an increase of approximately $5.9 million from the net income of approximately $2.3 million in the same period of last year. The increased net income in this quarter compared to the same quarter of last year was primarily due to the significantly increased revenue.

• Basic and diluted net earnings per share (“EPS”) attributable to shareholders for the third quarter of fiscal 2014 were $0.18, increased by 260% from $0.05 for the same quarter last year.

“We continued to deliver satisfactory results this quarter as compared to the same period of last year,” said Mr. Xiaojun Zhu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China HGS. “The overall real estate market in China remains soft, however, it is generally stable in the Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities. We are also pleased to experience some increase in our average selling prices (“ASP”) compared to the third quarter of last year. We believe that the demand for real estate in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities and counties in China remained solid as the government policy such as the reform of “Hu-Kou” policy will continue to drive migrants to favor Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities and counties. We remain focused on providing quality housing with affordable pricing for growing new urban residents in these regions,” concluded Mr. Xiaojun Zhu.

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BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. (BPHX) Subsidiary Merges with Sophisticated Business Systems, Inc. to Create “Modern Systems”

Today, BluePhoenix Solutions announced its entry into a definitive merger agreement with Sophisticated Business Systems. One of BluePhoenix Solutions’ wholly owned subsidiaries will be merging with Sophisticated Business Systems to form a new company branded as “Modern Systems”.

The agreement is an all-stock transaction, where BluePhoenix will issue approximately 6.2 million shares to Sophisticated Business Systems shareholders and in turn receive 100 percent of Sophisticated Business Systems’ shares. On a pro-forma basis, the revenue for the combined entities in 2013 would have been $14.3 million. Sophisticated Business Systems’ Operating Loss in 2013 was nearly break-even at ($264K). Operational efficiencies and savings are anticipated to be realized through the merger as the new combined entity continues to progress towards break-even cash flow.

“We’ll empower customers to make the best choice for where they are in the legacy lifecycle,” BluePhoenix President and CEO, and incoming Modern Systems CEO Matt Bell said. “From incremental solutions to broad-based portfolio modernization, we’ll leverage our technology and partner ecosystem to deliver modernized applications in a modern way- scalable, cost-effective, and fully managed.”

Modern Systems will focus on deliver the widest range of solutions for transitioning legacy systems to modern platforms. It is anticipated Modern Systems will serve over 200 enterprise customers in the insurance, financial, and retail industries from offices in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Furthermore, the newly-formed company will provide services for government entities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

“For the last 15 years, BluePhoenix and Sophisticated Business Systems have been at the forefront of innovation in our niche. This merger accelerates the pace of that innovation,” said Sophisticated Business Systems President and CEO, and incoming Modern Systems Board Member Scott Miller. “Combining our teams and new capabilities will make us more appealing to both customers and partners. With options ranging from rehosting to data replication to automated conversion, we have the most diverse range of services on the market, supported by the most experienced modernization resources in the world.”

The merger agreement between both companies is subject to typical customary conditions, including shareholder approval and regulatory review. It is expected to close Q4 2014.

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Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (SBOTF) Collaborates to Develop Therapeutic Vaccines

Stellar Biotechnologies is powering and improving the swiftly-evolving field of immunotherapy. The California-based company is a leader in the sustainable manufacture of Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH), and committed to applying its KLH platform to the creation and enhancement of drug therapies that activate the body’s immune system in order to treat disease.

KLH is a multipurpose molecule that can be joined with a disease-targeting agent to create a new immunotherapy, or used alone to measure the body’s immune response to drugs. It is a high molecular weight (HMW) and an important immune-stimulating protein with a history of safe, effective use in therapeutic vaccine development. KLH is used in immunotherapy and diagnostic markets to target cancers, infectious diseases, and immune disorders (including Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, lymphoma, metastatic breast cancer and prostate cancer).

Stellar Biotech has made a breakthrough in the science and supply of KLH. To support its commitment to excellence in targeted immune therapies and immunodiagnostics, it has developed the proprietary ability to sustainably produce the vital KLH molecule, and set new benchmarks for its manufacture as well as the protection of its natural marine source. KLH can only be obtained from a rare marine source, the Giant Keyhole Limpet, but the company’s landmark achievements in aquaculture science ensure the production of quality KLH while protecting its source.

Stellar Biotech’s proprietary methods, facilities, and KLH technology make it unique and allow it to meet the rising demand for the commercial-scale supply of good manufacturing practice (GMP) grade KLH to ensure environmentally-sound KLH production as well as develop KLH-based active immunotherapies. The company’s current product offerings include: KLH pharmaceutical intermediates; HMW and subunit KLH protein in various grades, formulations, and configurations; and preclinical in vitro diagnostic kits.

Stellar Biotech has a number of active collaborations in the works:

• In June 2014, Neovacs, a French biotech company and long-time customer of Stellar Biotechnologies, shared an update on its immunotherapy programs and pipeline for autoimmune disease. During an interview with Neovacs’ CEO Miguel Sieler, Mr. Sieler discussed the company’s use of Stellar KLH as the carrier molecule in three of its products now in clinical development. Neovacs develops vaccines that stimulate a patient’s immune system and allow it to produce monoclonal antibodies to target a pre-specified autoimmune disease; in this case, the products are set to target Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, and Lupus.

• Stellar is also working with OBI Pharma, a Taiwanese biopharmaceuticals manufacturer, to develop and evaluate manufacturing methods for an active immunotherapy that targets metastatic breast cancer and uses Stellar’s GMP-grade KLH. The concept behind the therapy, designated OBI-822, is to use the human body’s immune system to fight cancer with few side effects, unlike chemotherapy and radiation therapy that harm good cells along with cancerous cells. In late July 2014, OBI Pharma announced that its phase 2/3 stage clinical trial for OBI-822 has met the goal of collecting 342 patients. The clinical test project was designed as a multinational, randomized control trial, with 45 medical centers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, India and the United States participating. The company’s chairman Michael N. Chang commented that the OBI-822 project is progressing smoothly and the completion of the patient collection was a major milestone. The next step is to analyze the data from the clinical test after the last patient completes the treatment process.

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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust – A Proven Agent for Small and Mid-Sized Clients

Continental Stock Transfer and Trust is a recognized stock transfer agent employing its long history in the industry to better serve its customers. The company was founded in 1963 and, in the decades since, has not wavered from pursuing its vision to support small and medium-sized emerging and growth companies with exclusively tailored business solutions and exceptional client awareness, accessibility, and responsiveness. Right from the start, Continental has been an independent, privately-held, family-owned corporation committed to partnering with clients for the long term and it has no intention of changing.

The company holds a firm belief that an organization’s true strength lies in its people and, for five decades, it has gathered some of the industry’s most experienced experts to ask the right questions, provide the right answers and deliver the right type of support to its clients and their shareholders. The company’s foundation and top-level management and staff allow it to swiftly and deftly react to client and shareholder requests. They also make it possible for Continental to design and flawlessly execute its services according to what is best for each client. This way of doing business has held the company in good stead and helped it carve out a significant presence in the industry. It is the basis of Continental’s pledge to never settle for the way things are usually done and inspires the company’s motto: Power of stability. Spirit of agility.

Continental is devoted to companies with 50,000 or fewer shareholders and presently backs more than 1,100 public issues, i.e. 2.5 million shareholders of record across the nation. Even though it is the fourth largest agent in the United States, the company serves its clients and their shareholders in ways other large transfer agents cannot; it offers personal attention from senior staff, flexible offerings, innovative technology, exceptional execution and unmatched value.

The company strives to make its clients the center of attention. It is exceedingly proud of its history but even more so of the fact that it satisfies its clients time and again, and yearly industry surveys repeatedly confirm that it offers the best value among major agents.

In keeping with its responsibility to support client businesses, Continental endeavors to stay ahead of developing rules, regulations and industry trends. The company’s long-term experience makes this second nature and it is always eager to share its expertise and advice on noteworthy events.

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Qihoo 360 Technology (QIHU) Leverages User Base of 400 Million

Qihoo 360 Technology, a leading Beijing-based Internet and mobile security products and services company, provides high-quality free security services for over 400 million Chinese Internet users. The company offers cloud-based security technologies, along with a variety of storage, browser, and other products.

Core Security – The company has two core Internet security products: 360 Safe Guard and 360 Anti-Virus. 360 Safe Guard, their flagship Internet security software, is a one-stop solution for Internet security and system optimization. 360 Anti-Virus is an anti-virus software that uses multiple scan engines to provide computer virus protection.

Cloud Storage – The company offers users easily accessible space for file storage and data backup. Users can transmit, access, and manage messages and images via PC software, web pages, and mobile platforms.

Platform Products – The company offers platforms, such as 360 Safe Browser, 360 Extreme Browsers, 360 Personal Startup Page, and 360 Application Desktop.

Online Advertising – The company utilizes extensive traffic to support its online advertising services, including online marketing and search referral service. The 360 Browsers, default home pages, and 360 Personal Startup Page contain search boxes tied to search engines for obtaining global data.

Internet Value-Added Services – The company offers a variety of associated services, including remote technical support, the creation and maintenance of websites, and the operation of web games and applications developed by third parties.

Qihoo 360 Technology continues to broaden and deepen its product and service offerings, leveraging its massive user base to build a comprehensive user platform, offering a growing list of third-party applications, such as e-commerce, travel, SNS, and online video. According to independent statistics, calculated according to the number of users, Qihoo 360 Technology is now one of China’s top three Internet companies.

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