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Purchasing stock confidently requires the right knowledge. As Francis Bacon, the father of the scientific method once stated, “Knowledge is power.”

In mankind’s agricultural past, ownership of land and property meant power. During the Industrial Revolution, ownership of factories and machinery became the basis of wealth and power. Now more than ever, in our globally integrated cybernetic information driven world, knowledge and information in and of itself has become the basis of wealth and power. Examples of those that are powerful due to our current knowledge based society include the wealth of Bill Gates to the influence of the large pharmaceutical companies of which both are based on intellectual property rights.

Control of information is something corporate elites always recognized as a way to consolidate and build wealth and power. In 1983, 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies. Right now, over 90% of the information diet of 313 million Americans is controlled by 6 corporations: News Corporation, Disney, Comcast, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. That is 90% of everything Americans see, hear, and consider important. As author Tom Clancy pointed out, those that control the information can control the people. Governments that are despotic have long recognized the importance of controlling the flow of information in a society. For example, China’s government controls its population in part by maintaining massive surveillance and a content control system over their population’s access to the Internet. As elites and governments recognize the importance of controlling knowledge and information, so should you be seeking to build on your sources of information.

Decisions do not happen in a vacuum. They are best made when the individual has sufficient information to weigh the possible consequences of various choices. Access to the right information gives decision-making power, builds your range of options from which to make choices, and is a key step toward empowerment and building wealth. Knowledge gives competence and the capacity to act, and sets one on a path of never ending and self-initiated growth.

One of’s primary goals is to help investors make the right decisions and discover undervalued stocks poised for exceptional profits. For more information, visit

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Content Checked (CNCK) Ahead of the Game as FDA Places Microscope on Added Sugars with Revamped Nutrition Facts Label

In recent years, added sugars have come under increased scrutiny from nutrition activists, and for good reason. According to the Mayo Clinic (, added sugars, which are introduced to foods during processing, can play a major role in a variety of potential health problems, including poor nutrition, weight gain, increased triglycerides and tooth decay. As a result, dietary guidelines continually warn of the dangers of overconsumption of sugar. The American Heart Association (, for example, suggests consuming no more than 100 calories a day from added sugars for most women and no more than 150 calories a day for most men. To put those restrictions into perspective, a single teaspoon of sugar has about 16 calories.

Navigating the grocery aisle to find products that support moderate sugar consumption can be difficult. After all, a 12-ounce soft drink can feature about 160 calories of sugar. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the majority of U.S. adults exceed their recommended daily allowances of sugar. To this point, uncovering added sugars in products has remained a frustrating and confusing ordeal. Late last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a major step toward improving this issue through the release of a ‘new look’ Nutrition Facts label that places more attention on calories and added sugars (

“You will no longer need a microscope, a calculator, or a degree in nutrition to figure out whether the food you’re buying is actually good for our kids,” First Lady Michelle Obama stated at a conference announcing the new rules.

Though these changes are a step in the right direction, they also highlight the relatively slow speed at which these updates take place. Not only has the current nutrition label stood unmodified for more than 20 years, it took more than two years for the FDA to agree upon the updated design, which was originally developed back in 2014. Furthermore, large-scale food and beverage manufacturers now have more than two years to implement the changes on their products, with manufacturers totaling less than $10 million in annual food sales receiving an additional year to comply. Luckily for consumers in search of a better way to uncover the sugar content of their favorite products, one company is ahead of the game.

Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK), the company behind a family of mobile apps for individuals with specific dietary requirements and preferences, is taking aim at added sugars with its app SugarChecked. With a sizable database including more than 70 percent of all food products in the United States, SugarChecked helps users quickly uncover potentially unwanted ingredients such as added sugars, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols and natural low-calorie sweeteners. When a product contains an undesirable amount of these ingredients, the SugarChecked app suggests suitable and related alternatives.

“Sugar intake in America has increased dramatically over the past few decades at the expense of our health,” Tory Tedrow, RD, CNSC, stated on the Content Checked blog ( “Now that the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans has recommended limiting sugar intake to <10% of your total calorie intake, it is even more important for consumers to be aware of the sources of sugar in our diets, why it’s so bad, and ways to decrease sugar intake.”

As the FDA turns its focus toward excess sugar, Content Checked is positioned ahead of the game with its innovative suite of mobile apps. With recent coverage in a variety of high-profile media and food allergy and intolerance publications and outlets – including Forbes, USA Today, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, among others – the company appears to be primed to build on its recent growth in the $13 billion food allergy and intolerances market in the months to come.

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Monaker Group (MKGI) Could Rise Quickly in Alternative Lodging Space with Unique Mix of Sales Approach, Package Deal Bundling

A recent look ( at Expedia’s (NASDAQ: EXPE) increasingly dominant share ( of the roughly $1.3 trillion and growing travel market by research firm Morningstar forecast global online penetration as climbing steadily through 2020, from around 40 percent last year, with online travel bookings seeing as much as 10 percent growth per year. One of the hottest segments in this massive market is alternative lodging, where the rise of decentralized, peer-to-peer architectures and sharing economy models have helped augment the overall space (, with the most notable example being privately owned and operated short-term accommodation marvel Airbnb.

In many ways, Airbnb has offset aggressive pricing by hotels in what is traditionally a cyclical industry, creating a market where consumers have more choice at a better value than ever before. This sharing economy is now able to compete directly with incumbent operators in a major way and demonstrates why, in an industry where increasingly dominant Expedia recently gobbled up HomeAway, with its one million plus vacation rental listings, for nearly $4 billion, players like Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN) are finding themselves increasingly outgunned.

It’s also a reason why alternative lodging-focused Monaker Group, Inc. (OTCQB: MKGI), which recently moved to lock down a key partnership with enterprise platform and solutions provider Primero Systems in order to facilitate final integration of its platform, is such an interesting target. With some 1.2 million homes under contract via the AlwaysOnVacations acquisition that make MKGI bigger than HomeAway, a travel agent-based strategic overlay to supplement its market traction (a distinct feature unlike anyone else in the industry), and a partnership with that gives the company access to a distribution base of some three million people, Monaker Group is well-positioned to benefit as the industry grows.

In a recent and exclusive interview with investor relations firm MissionIR (, CEO Bill Kerby explained the importance of being the first in the industry to really nail the package deal concept and provide consumers with the best bundled alternative lodging and associated activities deals possible.

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Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) Boosting Merchant and User Interaction through Behavior Data

Moxian, Inc.’s (OTCQB: MOXC) O2M marketing solution is energizing merchants and their desire to leverage everything the world of social media has to offer and more. The company has a refined expertise in the business of social marketing that’s turning heads of merchants who are steadfast in their commitment to accelerating their business plans and growing the top lines of their balance sheets.

The company’s products and services give merchants the ability to run targeted advertising campaigns and promotions designed to boost interaction between users and merchant clients by using consumer behavior data gathered from the Moxian database of user activities. MOXC’s two flagship products are the Moxian+ User App and the Moxian+ Business App. Developed in Shenzhen, China, the company has created a way to combine social media with entertainment and business intelligence.

Moxian’s Multi-Channel Social Commerce Platform uses a multitude of tools – not the least of which is Moxian’s proprietary Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) system. The system generates knowledgeable data for merchants. Through this process, consumers and businesses can interact with one another and, in turn, capture the marketing magic that’s produced by the highly sought-after online lifestyle. The Moxian+ User App is an app created to introduce consumer users to the platform, and it’s comprised of the company’s proprietary virtual currency (MO-Coin and MO-Points), social networking, a redemption center and a games center. Users enjoy the ability to earn MO-Coins by playing games, and subsequently, trade those coins for prizes sponsored by Moxian and its client merchants. The beauty of this model is that it drives registered consumers to both Moxian and the merchant while delivering merchants the ability to advertise, run marketing campaigns, and gather valuable data about their customers.

Today, merchants are able to set up a store on the Moxian platform through the company’s business app and drive promotions through a variety of channels integrated on its platform. One platform feature is that merchants can view reports customized to their own shops. The company’s management touts over a century of combined experience in this market niche, including management of private and public companies and multi-national organizations.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) Moves toward Commencement of Phase I Clinical Trial through Partnership with Cryoport

Earlier this week, Cryoport, Inc. (NASDAQ: CYRX), the world’s premier cryogenic logistics firm, announced a strategic partnership with International Stem Cell Corp. (OTCQB: ISCO) through which it will provide global logistics support for ISCO’s impending Phase I clinical trial of its human parthenogenetic stem cell-derived neural stem cells (ISC-hpNSC) for the treatment of moderate to severe Parkinson’s disease. Cryoport’s strategically located cryogenic facilities in Southern California and Singapore are expected to play a key role in ISCO’s efforts to maintain its cell therapy as it is transported around the globe to the study’s site, Australia’s Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, which is one of the world’s foremost brain research centers.

“This trial will take place across the globe and it is imperative that our cell therapy maintains integrity,” Dr. Russell Kern, executive vice president and chief scientific officer of ISCO, stated in a news release. “We are pleased to have Cryoport handle our global logistics requirements.”

The partnership with Cryoport marks the latest in a collection of recent milestones related to ISCO’s highly-anticipated clinical program. After receiving authorization to initiate a Phase I/IIa clinical trial of ISC-hpNSC from the Therapeutics Goods Administration of Australia in December, the company quickly entered into a master clinical research agreement with the Florey weeks later. In March, ISCO announced its entry into definitive agreements for the private placement of $6.3 million of its convertible preferred stock, along with purchase warrants covering an additional $25.7 million of the company’s common stock, effectively strengthening its cash position in order to fund its Phase I trial. ISCO also commenced enrollment for the study in March, with preliminary clinical data expected as soon as the fourth quarter of this year.

Parkinson’s disease currently affects roughly 6.3 million people around the world, about 15 percent of whom develop the condition before reaching the age of 50, according to data from the European Parkinson’s Disease Association. Parkinson’s is caused by the degeneration of the substantia nigra portion of the brain, which is characterized by its dopaminergic neurons. When these neurons die, the brain becomes deprived of dopamine, resulting in symptoms such as tremors, rigidity and impaired balance. According to the National Parkinson Foundation, approximately 80 percent of all dopamine-producing cells are typically lost before the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease present themselves.

ISCO is taking aim at this devastating condition through the use of regenerative medicine. Through its proprietary ISC-hpNSC product candidate, the company is seeking to introduce a new approach to treating Parkinson’s that involves replacing the dead dopaminergic neurons with healthy neural cells while also protecting the brain by expressing neurotrophic factors. In preclinical testing, the candidate has been shown effective in both alleviating current symptoms and preventing further deterioration.

“There is a large unmet medical need for new treatments that may halt or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s disease and we believe our human neural stem cells may fill this need for the millions of people with this disease,” Dr. Andrey Semechkin, chief executive officer of ISCO, added in a news release.

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Content Checked (CNCK) Advocates a Healthy Perspective with the Power of Information

Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK) endeavors to build shareholder value by developing smartphone applications for people faced with dietary restrictions. Central to its efforts is the ContentChecked app, which derives its offering from a supporting database that enables users to scan barcodes affixed to products to determine if they meets their unique dietary preferences. Furthermore, ContentChecked creates personalized recipes, aligned with users’ requirements, which can serve as a handy tool when maneuvering around grocery stores.

CNCK’s differentiator in the marketplace revolves around its proprietary database and the convenience of having it at your fingertips 24 hours a day. While many apps steer users toward ‘what to purchase,’ Content Checked’s apps derive value from also informing users what is or is not suitable for them to consume.

With a healthy lifestyle being the overall goal for a growing number of consumers, a recent article published in SELF magazine, entitled ‘16 Dietitians Share How They Get Back On Track After Overeating’ ( offers its own collection of information guideposts. Content Checked’s Registered Dietitian, Tory Tedrow, C.N.S.C., is featured in the piece, stating, “I make sure to stay hydrated. That keeps me from mindlessly snacking, and I think of the extra bathroom trips as added exercise to my day. Most importantly, I remember that in the grand scheme of life, a few days or even weeks of overindulging are not going to make or break my health, weight, or overall wellbeing.”

To view the company’s full financials, visit the following link:

For more information, visit

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Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) Distinguishing Itself from the Market with the Quality of its Products and Services

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: OGES) is an integrated energy storage solutions company based in the U.S. The company uses state of the art technology in everything it does, from design to development and manufacturing. In 2016, OGES became the only U.S. manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, positioning itself as a leader in the innovation and manufacture of disruptive energy storage solutions. Oakridge is equipped to address four high-demand markets: motive applications, stationary living space power for domestic/commercial and grid applications, remote control and portable devices, and, finally, starter batteries for a range of vehicles. With this, Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. works toward providing high quality products and services designed to exceed customer needs.

Oakridge uses Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) structures in all of its processes and product development. This ensures that customers have a clear idea of what the requirements are, and that they have been met. In addition to this, OGES provides quality in everything from design to manufacture. The company employs best practices to provide high quality goods and services to its customers while protecting the existing business from competitors, allowing it to be flexible and adaptable to new opportunities.

OGES incorporates the best practices from all industries into its quality systems. It strives for perfection in each element of the company. This system allows for complete transparency, which has helped OGES become one of the leading companies in the market. Oakridge Global Energy Solutions aims to reach every corner of the market, it doesn’t just stop at its products. The company hires high caliber staff and works with external researchers to ensure that quality is a theme that runs through everything it gives back to its target market. This work ethic was recently proved successful, as Oakridge exceeded its estimated revenue for the first quarter of 2016 by nearly $15,000.

Plans for the second quarter are expected to be just as bright, as Oakridge aims to improve on the quality of its existing products by ordering additional high-speed automation equipment. Not only this, OGES is beginning production shipments of its Freedom IV series of living space power products in the near future. The company’s high quality ethics and keen eye for detail are positioning it to achieve sustainable growth.

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eXp World Holdings (EXPI) is floating on its Cloud Brokerage as New Home Sales rise to Eight-Year High

A press release ( issued yesterday by the Commerce Department reported that ‘sales of new single-family houses in April 2016 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 619,000’. The estimates, prepared jointly by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, indicated that construction of new homes in the U.S. in April 2016 rose almost 17 percent above the March 2016 figure of 531,000, and about 23 percent above the April 2015 number of 500,000. This is good news for eXp World Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPI) and the over 1,100 agents and brokers who use its avant-garde cloud brokerage.

According to a Trading Economics analysis (, this ‘is the highest reading since January of 2008 and the biggest gain since 1992. New home sales in the United States averaged 652,450 from 1963 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 1,389,000 in July of 2005 and a record low of 270,000 in February of 2011.’

‘The median sales price of new houses sold in April 2016 was $321,100’ up by almost 10 percent from a year ago, meaning that half of the newly constructed homes sold in April 2016 had a price tag of over $321,100. The arithmetic average sales price was higher, at $379,800. According to numbers released by the National Association of Home Builders (, the 619,000 annual rate of new homes sold in April 2016 comprised 10 percent of the 6,069,000 annual rate of all home sales. The annual rate of existing homes sold in April 2016 was 5,450,000.

These numbers bode well for eXp World Holdings and its wholly-owned eXp Realty subsidiary. A recent research report on eXp World Holdings (, issued by Fundamental Research, stated that ‘the U.S. real estate brokerage industry is approximately $62 billion per year… based on the assumption that approximately 90% of the 5.25 million homes are sold through agents at an average price of $0.22 million per house, based on an average commission rate of 6%’. The Commerce Department’s April numbers would raise Fundamental Research’s estimates by about 15 percent.

eXp World Holdings is set to benefit from this resurgence in the residential housing market in two ways. First, its Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage is attracting realtors in increasing numbers. In March 2016, the number of member agents grew by over 10 percent to more than 1,100, the fastest rate ever, according to CEO Glen Sanford in a MissionIR interview ( In 2015, eXp realtors put through 3,667 transactions with a value of $889 million. The company expects that figure to reach $1.5 billion this year. Revenues in 2015 were $22.87 million with gross profit of $3.41 million. As Fundamental Research point out, ‘the company can generate approximately 3% of total transactions in revenues, implying $45 million in revenues from $1.5 billion in transactions a year. Gross margin is estimated to be approximately 15%, implying gross profit of $6.75 million’.

Second, eXp World Holdings owns 90.5 percent of First Cloud Mortgage, Inc., which was set up in July 2015 to originate and provide loan products and services to potential homeowners. First Cloud will act as a mortgage broker, so no proprietary funds of eXp or its subsidiaries will be required. As of March 2016, First Cloud Mortgage was licensed to do business in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. It has pending applications in Georgia and Virginia. It is expected that First Cloud Mortgage will broker between $50 million and $75 million in loans over the next 12 months and over $100 million in 2017. Gross profit should fall between 1.5% and 3.0% of transactions.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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Today is Final Day to become Record Date Holder for Cryoport, Inc.’s (CYRX) Rights Offering

Cryoport, Inc. (NASDAQ: CYRX, CYRXW) this morning issued a reminder that an investor must own CYRX, CYRXW or any other Cryoport warrants by 4 p.m. ET today in order to be considered a record date holder for purposes of the rights offering.

In addition, the cryogenic logistics solutions provider posted the following rights offering calendar:

May 24, 2016 – Rights exercise price pricing period began (85% of the volume weighted average trading price on NASDAQ of CYRX during the five trading day pricing period, rounded to the nearest whole penny)

May 25, 2016 – Ownership day, an investor must own CYRX, CYRXW or any other Cryoport warrants by 4 p.m. ET to be considered a record date holder for purposes of the rights offering, which is three trading days before the record date of May 31, 2016

May 26, 2016 – CYRX shares trade ex-right

May 31, 2016- Record date and rights exercise price pricing period ends

June 1, 2016 – Subscription period begins

June 20, 2016 – Subscription period expires at 5 p.m. ET

According to the news release, the rights offering will be made through a distribution of non-transferable subscription rights to purchase one share of common stock for each share of common stock, or each share of common stock into which warrants held on the record date are exercisable at an exercise price equal to 85% of the volume weighted average price per share of Cryoport’s common stock on NASDAQ for the five consecutive trading days immediately preceding and including May 31, 2016, rounded to the nearest whole penny; provided that the rights may only be exercised for a maximum of $10 million of subscription proceeds or 6,666,667 shares in the aggregate.

The inclusion of an over-subscription privilege entitles each rights holder that exercises its basic subscription privilege in full the right to purchase additional shares of common stock that remain unsubscribed at the expiration of the rights offering. Both the basic and over subscription privileges are subject to the availability and pro rata allocation of shares among participants. All basic subscription rights and over-subscription privileges may be exercised during the subscription period from June 1, 2016, through June 20, 2016, at 5 p.m. ET. Cyroport may extend the offering up to an additional 30 days, at its sole discretion.

The rights offering is being made pursuant to Cryoport’s effective registration statement on Form S-1 (Reg. No. 333-210985) on file with the SEC. The offering is being made only by means of a prospectus, copies of which may be obtained from:

Georgeson LLC 480 Washington Blvd, 26th Floor Jersey City, NJ 07310 [email protected] Toll Free: (800) 903-2897

Broker dealers interested in participating in the rights offering should contact Source Capital Group’s syndicate department at [email protected].

For more information on Cryoport, visit the company’s website at

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Edison Issues Initiation on International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO), Focus on Parkinson’s Potential

In a May 16, 2016, press release, Edison Investment Research announced initiation of coverage on International Stem Cell Corp. (OTCQB: ISCO). Edison describes itself as an international equity research firm with over 110 analysts and professionals, working with both large and small companies, as well as investors, wealth managers, private equity and corporate finance houses.

Edison’s focus on International Stem Cell Corp. centers around ISCO’s unique parthenogenetic stem cell technology platform, and its anticipated superior therapeutic potential for addressing health problems, specifically Parkinson’s disease. Parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSC) are generated from unfertilized eggs, meaning no viable human embryo is created or destroyed. The resulting cells thus bypass ethical issues. At the same time, parthenogenetic stem cells express fewer parental histocompatibility antigens, thus offering important immuno-matching advantages and significantly reducing the risk of immune system rejection.

ISCO parthenogenetic stem cells are seen as offering important qualities for the treatment of liver and eye diseases, as well as diseases of the central nervous system such as Parkinson’s. Of primary interest are diseases where, according to ISCO: “cell therapy has been clinically proven, but treatment options are limited by the availability of safe human cells”.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) represents an especially important target market. The Edison report states that:

“As many as 2-3 million people suffer from PD in the US and EU, according to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF), and there are currently no approved treatments to slow or halt progression of the disease. If ISCO’s treatment proves effective at slowing or halting disease progression, we forecast potential peak sales of $2.8bn based on 2% of existing and 5% of newly diagnosed patients in the US and 1-2% of patients in the EU and RoW receiving treatment.”

The report also points out that ISCO has other commercial operations that leverage its hpSC technology, operations that provide revenue to support continued research into therapeutic applications. According to the report:

“Using a risk-adjusted NPV model, we value the company at $27m or $9.60 per basic share, using a 12.5% discount rate and a 7.5% probability of success for the PD candidate and a 10% discount rate and 90% probability for the skincare and biomedical businesses.”

To view the full Edison report, go to

For more information, visit

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